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 What a Gold-Mining Company founded in 1886 can teach  us about Sustainability in 2016

 Read the article by Enel's Director of Communications about two visionary  senior corporate executives who understood the sustainability dynamics at  play in South Africa in the 1980s, and showed what might be achieved if    you dare to think big. Read more.

The 5th GRI Global Conference Video
1 June 2016
GRI convened its 5th Global Conference: Empowering Sustainable Decisions, 18 - 20 May 2016 in Amsterdam. 1200 delegates from more than 70 countries, attended the conference, which showcased more than 200 speakers. This video presents some of the highlights of the conference, including insights from each of the four inspiring plenary sessions. Watch now.
GRI 5th Global Conference Video: Day 3
24 May 2016
The final day of the 5th GRI Global Conference culminated with the closing plenary session on 'Trust & Transparency: Building better businesses and policy worldwide', which featured a diverse group of speakers including, Member of the European Parliament Richard Howitt, Executive Director of Uprose Elizabeth Yeampierre, and GRI Chief Executive Michael Meehan, to name only a few. Watch now.
Trust and Transparency: Building Better Business and Policy worldwide
20 May 2016
​“Delivering a better future is not just an option, it’s a necessity. There is no Plan B,” urged Lise Kingo, Executive Director, UN Global Compact, as she opened the fourth and final plenary of the 5th GRI Global Conference. Lise Kingo’s speech set the stage for a lively debate on the importance of trust and transparency for building better businesses, stronger economies and a more sustainable world. Read more.

Using sustainability data to enable transformational change
20 May 2016
The sustainability report has been the cornerstone of non-financial disclosure for decades, but this is set to change. The new era of corporate disclosure is going to be digital, responsible and interactive. New and innovative approaches to disclosure are arising, focused on the data in the reporting process rather than the reports themselves. Read more.
GRI 5th Global Conference Video: Day 2
20 May 2016
The second day of the 5th GRI Global Conference opened on Thursday 19 May, with breakfast sessions on emerging sustainability topics and the plenary on 'Innovation for Sustainable Development - The Role of Private Sector Collaboration'. Delegates took part in break out sessions on myriad topics including human rights reporting, creating shared value and disability reporting. The day concluded with the plenary session on 'Using Sustainability Data to Enable Transformational Change' and the GOLD Community Celebration. Watch now.
Bastian Buck talks about the Digital Reporting Alliance
19 May 2016
GRI’s newest technology initiative, the Digital Reporting Alliance, was announced at the GRI 5th Global Conference. Bastian Buck, Director Standards Division, talks about the two key challenges and how they’ll be addressed. Watch now.
Innovation for Sustainable Development: The role of private sector collaboration
19 May 2016
The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have ushered in a new era of global development objectives that ambitiously aim to reduce greenhouse gases, eliminate poverty, and increase economic opportunities around the world. The active participation of business is a principle driver in achieving these goals. The second plenary explored the vast potential of private sector innovation and collaboration, and the role of governments. Read more.
GRI 5th Global Conference Video: Day 1
19 May 2016
On Wednesday 18 May, GRI opened the first day of its 5th Global Conference: Empowering Sustainable Decisions, in Amsterdam, welcoming 1200 delegates from 77 countries. Check out this video wrap up of the day featuring highlights from the opening plenary '20 years on: are we making a difference?' as well as master classes, the Marketplace opening and insights from speakers, delegates and GRI staff. Watch now.
Sustainability 20 years on: Are we making a difference?
18 May 2016
We are all part of a pioneering movement that has transformed the way organizations around the world identify, communicate and act on their sustainability impacts. Much has been achieved over the past 20 years, but as we enter a new era of sustainability, we must tackle the big challenges and the urgency needed to create a more sustainable economy and world in a fundamentally different way.  Read more.
Take a dive into the GRI Conference Marketplace! 
17 May 2016
The 5th GRI Conference opens its doors tomorrow, in eager anticipation of the 1,200 registrants looking to sharpen their knowledge on the cutting-edge tools and techniques that will carry us forward into the new era of digital, responsive and interactive corporate disclosure. Here we have all the information on the Marketplace which sits at the very heart of the GRI Global Conference. Read more.
Pedal Power: One man's sustainable journey to the GRI Global Conference
11 May 2016
Some people go to great lengths to travel sustainably: Matthias Mengeling, Sales Manager at WeSustain in Germany is cycling 400km from Hannover to Amsterdam to attend the GRI Global Conference next week. Here we discover his motivations for making the journey on two wheels. Read more.
The 5th GRI Global Conference Video: 10 Years in the Making
10 May 2016
Empowering Sustainable Decisions is more than a motto, it represents the future of sustainability reporting and corporate disclosure. GRI’s Chief Executive Michael Meehan and Deputy Chief Executive Teresa Fogelberg talk about the evolution of GRI Global Conferences and set the stage for the upcoming 5th Global Conference 18 – 20 May, in Amsterdam. Watch now.
An interview with Jessica Cheam, Editor and Founder of Eco-Business
3 May 2016
Here, we talk to Jessica Cheam, experienced journalist in business, politics and the environment, and founder of the award-winning online publication for Asia Pacific's sustainable business community – Eco-Business. Read more.
5th GRI Global Conference 2016 Video
13 April 2016
Join GRI and up to 1,500 sustainability leaders from around the globe to exchange leading-edge knowledge on best practices, innovations and trends that are empowering sustainable decisions and changing the world. Registration for the 5th GRI Global Conference 2016 is now open! Watch now
An interview with Bloomberg’s Sustainability Editor, Eric Roston
6 April 2016
Journalist Eric Roston has been overseeing sustainability news coverage at Bloomberg LP since 2011, and over the past 15 years has worked on climate change from virtually every angle. Eric Roston will be moderating all four plenary sessions at the GRI Global Conference. In this exclusive interview, we discover his views on the key sustainability challenges of our time and what action is needed to solve them. Read more.
Revitalizing the global partnership for sustainable development
6 April 2016
SDG 17 calls for the revitalization of the global partnership for sustainable development, an explicit acknowledgement that our collective ability to achieve the goals hinges upon our willingness to forge partnerships. If we fail to achieve this goal, we won’t be able to achieve any of the others. Revitalizing the global partnership for sustainable development is the reason we host the GRI Global Conference. Read more.
Beyond Reports: Enabling Business Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
1 April 2016

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent the next steps that humanity has set for itself towards ensuring a healthy, fulfilling life for all, on a healthy planet. These new Global Goals will require all of us to take action for a better world. Read our top tips for maximizing your contributions to the SDGs and find out how the GRI Global Conference is helping organizations address the Global Goals. Read more.
Bloomberg LP Announced as Lead Media Partner for the GRI Global Conference
9 March 2016
Today Bloomberg LP was announced as Lead Media Partner for the GRI Global Conference with Bloomberg's Sustainability Editor, Eric Roston hosting the conference. Eric oversees coverage of energy, climate change and natural resources for Bloomberg.com. Read more.
Reporting Trends with GRI Master Class host, Wim Bartels
9 March 2016
Pick up some advice on creating a meaningful, high quality sustainability report and discover the very latest trends in reporting in this interview with Wim Bartels. Wim is hosting the GRI Conference Master Class 'Corporate Responsibility Reporting: Lessons from leaders' taking place Friday 20 May. Read more.
Over 100 speakers confirmed for the GRI Global Conference!
4 March 2016

Join innovators, thought leaders, and peers to empower sustainable decisions at #‎GRI2016‬.
Sutainability Reporter Elaine Cohen gears up for the GRI Global Conference
3 February 2016
In this interview with Sustainability Reporter, Elaine Cohen, we find out exactly what she’s expecting from this year’s GRI Global Conference and why she chooses to attend this global gathering of sustainability leaders. Read more.   
Boost your sustainability skills at GRI's Master Classes
13 January 2016
GRI is working together with a number of expert organizations to deliver interactive, hands-on Master Classes that will build your understanding and provide you with pracitcal guidance on key sustainability topics. Discover some top tips from two Master Class presenters here. Read more.    
Adding some Latin spirit to the GRI Global Conference
2 December 2015
Brazil is gearing up for the 5th GRI Global Conference in Amsterdam! We travelled to the country to hold a series of pre-conference events to better understand the feeling on the ground regarding sustainability challenges and progress, and to share some conference insights. Read more.
GRI Global Conference Program 2016 Announced!
20 October 2015
The program for the 5th GRI Conference has been launched! 
As we move towards a new era of sustainability, it is clear that for information to truly empower decision making it must be more accessible, comparable and available in real time. The focus of the Conference is to embrace this new era and accelerate progress. View the full program here.