Sessions 18 May 



Hide/Show09:00-12:30 - Exclusive Session – Corporate Leadership Group ‘Integrated Reporting’

This session is the sixth lab of the Corporate Leadership Group on integrated reporting focused on assurance and data management. It is an exclusive session for members of this leadership group. During previous labs, participants have worked through different aspects of integrated reporting such as materiality and stakeholder inclusiveness. This session will explore the challenges of sustainability assurance which includes non-financial data and how these apply to integrated reporting. As a group, participants will discuss assurance standards and methods and exchange their experiences with data management and assurance in the context of integrated reporting.

Exclusive session - By invite only

Hide/Show13:00-14:00 - Brazil: Creating a pathway to promote change through transparency

Session Supporters: Banco Itaú & Itaipu Binacional

This session will show how sustainability reporting can encourage concrete changes in the landscape of a country and shape a different future. Hear first-hand examples of how organizations are making changes as a result of the sustainability reporting process across the business, financial and insurance sectors and how transparency can be an efficient tool to address large scale economic and political challenges such as anti-corruption.


Heloisa Covolan, Social Responsibility Coordinator, Itaipu Binacional

Sonia Favaretto, Press and Sustainability Officer, BM

Adriana Leles, Advisor of CEO, SANASA 

Lenora Suki, Head of Sustainable Finance Product Strategy, Bloomberg

Regional Session

Hide/Show13:00-14:00 - Thinking Ahead: How the investor community is changing its need for sustainability reporting and analysis

Session Supporter: Goldcorp Inc.

The session will examine how investors and investment firms are classifying, using and integrating sustainability data to make informed investment decisions. The conversation will highlight how the investor community’s interest in ESG data is becoming ‘mainstream’ and how corporations are responding to that demand for greater transparency and disclosure. Additionally, we will look to the future to consider what new tools, resources, opportunities will support how companies increase trust, to support more sustainable investments.


Brent Bergeron, Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, Goldcorp

Barbara Brown, Principal and Co-Founder, BrownFlynn

Evan Harvey, Director of Corporate Responsibility, Nasdaq

Erika Karp, CEO, Cornerstone Capital Group

Regional Session

Hide/Show13:00-14:00 - Launch ‘Carrots & Sticks’ 2016 edition – Sustainability reporting policies worldwide?

KPMG, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), GRI, and the Centre for Corporate Governance in Africa at the University of Stellenbosch Business School will launch the 4th edition of the Carrots and Sticks publication at the GRI Global Conference in May 2016. The publication will provide an overview and analysis of global developments in policy and regulation for sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting.


Wim Bartels, Global Head of Sustainability Reporting & Assurance, KPMG

Cornis van der Lugt, Director, Center for Corporate Governance in Africa, Stellenbosch University

Elisa Tonda, Head of the Business and Industry Unit, UNEP/DTIE


Hide/Show13:00-14:00 - GRI GOLD Community Exclusive – Reporter Roundtable on Materiality

This session is designed for reporting companies that want to take sustainability reporting to the next level by engaging further with GRI, their peers and experts in the field. The Sustainability Reporting Roundtables are a new platform GRI is piloting to help reporting organizations take their reporting process further. The one hour sessions are exclusive for members of the GRI GOLD Community and will initiate the pilot series with a roundtable on each day of the Conference, focusing on the topic of materiality.

Exclusive Session 

Hide/Show13:00-14:00 - Exclusive session – GRI Training partners

This is an exclusive session for the Training Partners where GRI’s Training and Coaching Team will take the opportunity to meet all the Training Partners attending the Conference. The Training Partners will be provided with some relevant updates related to the Training Partners Program and other relevant Services. Thereafter, there will be an opportunity to network with the Training Partner community from across the globe.

Exclusive Session - By invite only

Hide/Show14:30-16:00 - 20 years on: are we making a difference?

Together, we are part of a pioneering movement that has transformed the way organizations around the world identify, communicate and act on their sustainability impacts. Much has been achieved but as we enter a new era of sustainability, we must tackle the big challenges and the urgency needed to create a more sustainable economy and world in a fundamentally different way. This session will provide a rally cry for the global network and will inspire, energize and motivate you to think differently about your contribution in this context. It will empower you to seek out new opportunities within and beyond sustainability reporting to address the sustainability challenges we face.


Peter Blom, CEO, Triodos Bank

Juan Andrés Cano García, CEO, Value4Chain

Eric Hespenheide, Chairman, Global Sustainabilty Standards Board

Bob Massie, Executive Director, Sustainable Solutions Lab, University of Massachusetts Boston 

Michael Meehan, CEO, GRI

Eric Roston, Sustainability Editor, Bloomberg

Filippo Taccetti, Partner & Business Development, Treedom

Christianna Wood, Chairman of the Global Reporting Initiative, Institutional Investor & Non-Executive Director

Plenary Session 1

Hide/Show16:30-18:00 - Achieving Smart Implementation of the EU Directive on Non-Financial Reporting

Policy makers are increasingly taking steps to advance sustainability reporting. In December 2014, the recently adopted Directive on disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by certain large companies, amending the 2013 Accounting Directive, entered into force. The Directive introduces measures that will strengthen the transparency and accountability of approximately 6000 companies in the EU. This session provides the platform for a high level discussion to shed light on the next steps that governments and businesses will need to undertake in order to fulfill the transparency expectations formulated in the Directive.


Helena Barton, Partner in Deloitte and Sustainability Service Leader for the EMEA region

Stefan Crets, Executive Director, CSR Europe

Richard Howitt, Member of the European Parliament

Dwight Justice, Policy Advisor, ITUC

Erik Nooteboom, Head of Acuntability and financial reporting, European Commission

Pedro Ortun, Principal Advisor for CSR and Tourism, European Commission

Marjan Schippers, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (the Netherlands)

Track Enabling Smart Policy

Hide/Show16:30-18:00 - Are Investors Getting the Information they want from the Extractive and Energy Sectors?

Session Supporters: RobecoSAM & Alcoa Foundation

Investors are increasingly consulting non-financial data when making decision on their investments and organizations’ sustainability information is frequently consulted for this purpose. In this session representatives from high impact sectors, such as mining & metals, and electric utilities, as well as the investor community will discuss the importance of materiality and the need for a common view on material topics disclosed within a sector demonstrating the value of GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards in providing information for investors.


Heloisa Covolan, Social Responsibility Coordinator, Itaipu Binacional

Annie Heaton, Chairwoman of the Sustainability Reporting Expert Group, World Steel Association 

Rosa Garcia Pineiro, President Alcoa Spain and Director, Europe

Rashila Kerai, Sustainability Analyst, RobecoSAM

Alyson Slater, Director, Knowledge and Sustainable Development, GRI

Andrea Valcalda, Head of Sustainability, Enel

Track More Reporters, Better Reporting

Hide/Show16:30-18:00 - First hand Experience of Benefits and Challenges in SME Reporting

The focus of development aid of Governmental Donors is increasingly turning towards helping SMEs in developing countries to become more sustainable. Through its Business Transparency Program, GRI has so far helped over 400 organizations in 18 countries to start their sustainability reporting journey, through intensive training and coaching support. In this session there will be an opportunity for interested parties such as donors, large companies as well as SMEs to hear first-experience from participants as well as engaging with them directly.


Gargi Dhongde, Manager, KPMG India

Jitendra Divgi, Managing Director, DivgiWarner Ltd.

Yuly Andrea Rodriguez Gomez, Director of Human Resources, Wayuu Flowers

Marcela Romero Merino, Managing Director, BSD Consulting

Hans Ortmann Maggiolo, Director, TRANSESA

Cecilia Rizo Patron, Sustainable Development Manager, Peru 2021

Shivani Rajpal, Senior Manager Training and Coaching Programs, GRI

Track Facing the Challenges

Hide/Show16:30-18:00 - Reporting Trends of the Future

This session will present the international sustainability trends that have been identified by GRI that will transform society, and will shape the corporate agenda in 2025. The session will present the overall trends identified by business and will highlight the key challenges they expect to face. The session will feature leading-edge companies who will explain their interest/proactive steps taken to address the trends and share how they have understood these trends and how they're preparing for the future now.


Nelmara Arbex, Chief Advisor, Innovation in Reporting, GRI

Paul Boykas, Vice President, PepsiCo

Rob Cameron, Executive Director, SustainAbility

Jeanne Ng, Director Group Sustainability, China Light and Power Company

Katherine Smith, Executive Director, Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship

Track Innovation and Collaboration 

Hide/Show16:30-18:00 - The Future of Reporting in Technology and Big Data

GRI is the most widely used sustainability reporting standard in the world, making it the de facto ‘architect’ of the world's sustainability data. However, current reporting tools ensure that much of this data is locked up in reports and processes that inhibit effective analysis and wider use of this information. Intelligence and learning from data are crucial components of the next phase of sustainable markets - and innovation and technology play a crucial role. GRI convened its first Technology Consortium in 2016 - a group of the world's leading technology and data organizations with the common goal of liberating sustainability data  a for greater contributions to sustainable development. This session will highlight the initiatives and thought leadership driving this effort and will share initial insights from the recently convened GRI Technology Consortium. 


Marjella Alma, CEO, eRevalue

John Elkington, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, Volans Ventures

Philipp Hirche, Founder and Chairman, WikiRate Project e.V.

Michael Meehan, CEO, GRI

Celeste Perri, Editor-At-Large, Western Europe at Bloomberg News

Girish Ramachandran, Director, TCS Asia Pacific

Liv Watson, Director of New Markets, Workiva

Daniel Wild, Head of Sustainability Investing Research & Development, RobecoSAM

Chris Zerlaut, Director, Solution Management, Sustainability, Performance Management

Ory Zik, VP of Analytics, Lux Research

Track Moving Beyond Reports