Independent Appointments Committee

The Independent Appointments Committee (IAC) is a team of five members whose role is to appoint qualified and competent members to GRI’s standards-setting governance bodies – the Global Sustainability Standards Board (GSSB) and the GRI Due Process Oversight Committee (DPOC).

The Independent Appointments Committee was created during GRI’s governance restructure in November 2014.

Appointments to the IAC are on a voluntary basis and members serve a term of three years. The membership is refreshed on an regular basis with a global public call for applications. 


Current IAC members


Ms. Helena Barton​

Chair of the IAC

Partner at Deloitte ​​


Ms. Åse Bäckström 

Executive Director, Corporate Responsibility at

Hallvarsson & Halvarsson


Mr. Bruno Bastit 

Director, Sustainable Finance & Global Corporate Governance Lead


Prof. Mahendra K. Chouhan

Chairman - Mahendra & Young Knowledge Foundation


Ms. Mélanie Jeanroy

Legal and Labour Protection Officer, International Labour Organisation, Bureau for Workers’ activities (ACTRAV)