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Impact stories

Our indirect impact on the planet lays within the impact generated by our network of over 30,000 practitioners using the GRI reporting framework to help their organizations become more sustainable.

We asked our corporate supporters from the GRI GOLD Community how sustainability reporting is benefiting their organizations and stakeholders. Read their stories below. 

Deutsche Börse: Transparency Is the Foundation for Responsible Investing

GRI GOLD Community member Deutsche Börse is at the forefront of the transformation of the financial world, driving sustainable progress and innovation. The Head of Group Sustainability, Kristina Jeromin, told us about the global challenges facing the industry and the role of transparency in solving them.


Symantec: Impactful CSR through cross-functional teamwork

GRI GOLD Community member Symantec puts materiality at the heart of their corporate responsibility work. We spoke to Debra McLaughlin, Sr. Manager, Corporate Responsibility at Symantec, who told us about the ways the company addresses its sustainability challenges, and how reporting helps to demonstrate value created by Symantec's CR strategy and initiatives.


SustainAbility: Alignment of CSR with business strategy is key

GRI GOLD Community member SustainAbility is a think tank and advisory firm that focuses on helping companies to lead the way to a sustainable economy. We spoke with Sarah Volkman, Manager at SustainAbility, who told us that that integrating sustainability into core business strategy is the best way to drive change.


Mosaic: Reporting as a foundation for solid performance

GRI GOLD Community member Mosaic has been reporting on their sustainability performance since 2010. We spoke with Natali Archibee, Senior Sustainability Specialist at The Mosaic Company, who told us how reporting helps Mosaic to continuously evaluate what it means to be a good employer, supplier, neighbor, and value creator for their shareholders.


China Mobile: Helping build a robust reporting community in China

GRI GOLD Community member China Mobile published their first GRI report back in 2006. We spoke with Wen Xuelian, Deputy Director of the Corporation Planning Division, who listed impressive achievements on how sustainability reporting has helped China Mobile improve their performance.


GUESS Jeans: Taking leaps in reporting to create positive impacts

GRI GOLD Community member GUESS Jeans recently began reporting using the GRI framework. We spoke with Jaclyn Allen, Senior Sustainability Manager at GUESS?, Inc., who told us that sustainability reporting has become a corporate imperative and a business asset for the company.


Swire: Reporting as a means to an end – sustainable development

GRI GOLD Community member Swire has been using GRI’s reporting framework since their first Sustainable Development Report in 2007. We talked to Mark Harper, Sustainable Development Manager at Swire, about sustainable development as a strategic imperative to create long-term value.


HUMANTECH: Improving workplace conditions a vital component of social responsibility

GRI GOLD Community member Humantech specializes in industrial engineering, bio-mechanics and occupational ergonomics, and thus supports its clients’ social responsibility. We spoke with the President, James Good, who told us that sustainability is a core concept that drives Humantech’s business.


WORLDLINE: Sustainability Reporting Creates a Virtuous Circle

GRI GOLD Community member Wordline started sustainability reporting in 2014, using the GRI G4 Guidelines, and is now one of the GRI Standards Pioneers. For Worldline, sustainability reporting represents the bridge between their financial and extra-financial strategy.



GRI GOLD Community member Codelco pioneered sustainability reporting in Chile, and has been a GRI reporter since 1999. Sustainability reporting has driven Codelco to improve and develop all aspects of sustainability: from the implementation of new policies to development of programs, strategic targets and metrics. 


LM Wind Power: Reporting helps direct focus – and generate savings 

For LM Wind Power, member of the GRI GOLD Community since 2011, GRI is the go-to organization for sustainability reporting and compliance. A pioneer in G4 reporting and an early adopter of the GRI Standards, the company regards sustainability reporting as a motivator for better performance and a driver of progress.


Triodos Bank: Sustainability reporting fundamental to a values-based bank

GRI GOLD Community member Triodos Bank is one of the world’s most sustainable financial institutions. Its mission is to make money work for positive social, environmental and cultural change. We spoke with James Niven, Head of Corporate Affairs at Triodos, to find out what role sustainability reporting plays in how the bank pursues its mission.


Fuji Xerox: Excellence in leadership and stakeholder engagement

GRI GOLD Community member Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific has been using the GRI framework since 2003. We spoke with Janet Neo, Head of Corporate Sustainability at Fuji Xerox, to find out how the document services and communications company views the practice of sustainability reporting.