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Our vision for the future

Our collective understanding of sustainability has developed over time to include ever more topics and issues that are affecting our global society and economy. We believe this trend will continue, requiring continuous innovation in sustainability reporting.

The first 20 years of GRI have been a phenomenal success, but the practice of sustainability reporting needs to evolve. The point of sustainability reporting is for companies increase transparency around critical topics that stand in the way of progress towards a sustainable and inclusive global economy. To achieve this goal, we need far more organizations to disclose information on their sustainability impacts, and we need them to make their reporting more concise, consistent, current, comparable and also forward-looking. GRI is the global leader in sustainability disclosure and we see it as our responsibility to mobilize this transformation.
Mobilizing the evolution of sustainability reporting
Over the years, GRI has developed its reporting framework further as the collective understanding of sustainability issues has evolved. That evolution is characterized by the continuous expansion of themes and topics that are understood to be affecting the long-term viability of the socio-economic fabric of our world.

GRI is uniquely positioned to support the evolution of sustainability reporting through our standards and multi-stakeholder network. Going forward, we will focus on improving the quality of sustainability reporting; providing reporting guidance on sustainability topics that are new in corporate reporting; increasing reporting among small and medium-sized enterprises, and promoting harmonization in the corporate reporting landscape.

We will continue working with businesses and stakeholders on myriad topics. We will conduct research and engage with stakeholders around sustainability issues that have not yet been included in reporting frameworks, to increase our understanding of their impacts on the economy and society. We continue providing the world’s most robust and widely used standards on sustainability reporting, which are used voluntarily by thousands of leading organizations that are committed to improving their sustainability performance. We will also continue engaging with national and international policy makers to foster a smart sustainability regulatory framework.
Watch the following video to learn more about our vision for the future: