E-shop FAQ

​​Have you got questions about the E-shop? Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you still can’t find the answer you need, please get in touch with GRI.

 In which format is the handbook available?


 In which languages is the handbook available?


 What is PDF stamping?


 Can I/my company buy an “enterprise license” for this handbook?


 Can I buy multiple copies of this handbook in one transaction?


 How do I know if my country is a non-OECD country?


 I am from a non-OECD country. How do I get the discount?


 How do I get the GRI Community discount?

​If the organization you are working for is a member of the GRI Community, please find your promo code on The GRI Community Hub.

 Are prices inclusive of VAT?


 Where should I insert my promo code?


 How do I see that the discount has been applied?


 Why do I get re-directed to PayPal website?


 I/my company do/es not have a PayPal account.


 Which other methods of payment are available?


 What if my country of residence is not listed in PayPal?


 I have paid with a debit/credit card. Do I have to open a PayPal account?


 How will the transaction appear in my credit/debit card bill?


 Do I have to agree to the terms and conditions of purchase?


 How do I retrieve my order after payment?


 Why am I receiving emails from ‘SendOwl’?


 I have lost my order email. How can I retrieve it?