FAQs: GRI's Services

​Got questions about GRI, its products and services? Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you still can’t find the answer you need, please get in touch with GRI.

 Services fees starting January 2019

Standard Alignment Checks​

Please note that our pricing policy and GRI Community members benefits are reviewed
annually.Below you can find the fees applicable for the Standard Alignment Check services starting from 1st of January 2019. All fee amounts presented in the table below are exclusive of Value-Added Tax (VAT).

Content Index Service


Not for profit/SME





+ Fast track






+ Fast track




Materiality Disclosures Service


Not for profit/SME





+ Fast track




SDG Mapping Service


Not for profit/SME





+ Fast track



The same fee would continue to apply for the GRI- Referenced service

Content Feedback 

Please note that the introductory price for the existing Disclosure Review Service (please also see here) modules expires on 15th of January 2019. Regular fees will apply. 

A revised fee will apply for the Published Report Review Service starting from January 1st 2019. 
The cost of this service will be €15,000. In addition, if applicable, the requesting organization will cover the meeting costs, travel and accommodation costs for GRI representatives.

Process Support

A revised fee will apply for the Kick-off Service starting from January 1st 2019. 
The cost of this service will be €18,000. In addition, if applicable, the requesting organization will cover the meeting costs, travel and accommodation costs for GRI representatives.



Whether you’re a starting or seasoned reporter, GRI’s specialized reviews and support will take your report to the next level. Browse through the range of services and get expert guidance at every step of the reporting process.

Does GRI provide consultancy Services on reporting?

No. GRI is independent. Providing consultancy on GRI Standard is not what GRI does. GRI cannot engage with reporters about their report in the critical role that is sometimes requested. 

Impartiality is an important part of maintaining GRI’s credibility as a trusted provider of sustainability reporting frameworks.

GRI does not recommend or endorse any particular consultants.

Does GRI assure sustainability reports? 

GRI’s Services are not an external assurance engagement, although are complementary to external assurance. With its services, GRI simply acts as a stakeholder of the reporting organization and assists them to better address the reporting requests as set out by the GRI Standards.

However, GRI recommends the use of external assurance. GRI does not make recommendations on which assurance provider to choose, nor on the assurance approach to use. 

Does GRI offer training on reporting or how to use the GRI frameworks? 

Yes. GRI has created resources for training and continuously expands them.

For the Certified Training Program, GRI has partnered with leading training institutions worldwide to deliver GRI reporting training, customized for local markets. By using a recognized GRI Training Partner you can be certain of getting accurate information about GRI’s reporting framework, and up-to-date information on best practice in reporting.

For more information on Training and workshops, see here.

Does GRI provide software to help reporting based on its frameworks? 

Yes, GRI has launched in 2018 the GRI Digital Reporting Tool which allows any type of organization to publish sustainability data using the GRI Standards, whether the report is in accordance or with reference to GRI Standards. Find more information about this tool here.

GRI also has the GRI's Certified Software and Tools program which enables the authorized use of GRI’s copyright-protected content in software and tools developed by other organizations. The certification verifies that GRI’s content has been applied correctly Find more information here. More information about this program here.

For any questions, contact digital@globalreporting.org

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 Standard Alignment Checks


 Disclosure Review Service