UNGC and GRI partnership

The UN Global Compact and GRI signed an agreement in May 2010 to align their work in advancing corporate responsibility and transparency.
UNGC-GRI Memorandum of Understanding
GRI and UNGC encourage companies to expand their sustainability commitments, activities, and reporting at their own pace.

The UN Global Compact and GRI announced an important collaboration and signed a Memorandum of Understanding in May 2010 at the Amsterdam Global Conference on Sustainability and Transparency

A special event was then held during the UNGC Leaders Summit in New York in June 2010, highlighting the collaboration and initiating action. 
To read the Communiqué released at the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit, click here.
To read the press release published during the Amsterdam Global Conference on Sustainability and Transparency, please click here
The agreed collaboration, combining the expertise and efforts of GRI and the UN Global Compact, will allow us to significantly extend our outreach and support an increasing number of companies and stakeholders around the world which seek to improve their sustainability performance,” Ernst Ligteringen, GRI’s Chief Executive.
As corporate responsibility has moved into the mainstream of business strategy and operations, the convergence of the two corporate responsibility initiatives with the broadest reach is a crucial development,” said Georg Kell, Executive Director of the UN Global Compact.Together, the Global Compact and GRI have a unique opportunity to provide a clear roadmap to sustainability and change business practices on a global scale.”

The UNGC-GRI Value Platform

Are you looking to implement corporate citizenship at the core of your business?
The UNGC and GRI offer a widely recognized and well tested platform that is already used by hundreds of companies around the world.

GRI’s Sustainability Reporting Guidelines can be used to produce the Global Compact’s annual Communication on Progress (COP). The COP is the mechanism through which UNGC participating companies demonstrate progress towards attainment of the ten UNGC Principles.

GRI’s Guidelines provide reporters with Principles, Disclosures on Management Approach, and Performance Indicators, all organized in a framework that clearly responds to each of the Global Compact’s disclosure requests and can enhance the quality of the COP.