Ásthildur Hjaltadóttir

Network Engagement

GRI's network engagement department brings together report services, training & coaching, corporate & stakeholder relations, and guidance & practice. 
Ásthildur Hjaltadóttir, Chief of Network Engagement

Ásthildur Hjaltadóttir is GRI's Chief of Network Engagement and Regional Implementation Officer

Ásthildur joined GRI in 2007 and has held different position within the organization, including being one of two project managers responsible for the development of G4 and Director of the Report Services and Training and Coaching Departments. Since September 2017, Ásthildur has been responsible for all GRI´s regional offices as well as implementation of all donor funded programs. As of January 2019 she is overseeing GRI’s Network Engagement Team ad interim.

Ásthildur is originally Icelandic but also holds the Dutch nationality. Before joining GRI, she worked for international organizations in Brussels, Belgium and The Hague, The Netherlands.