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 Beyond Reports


Beyond Reports is a monthly podcast from GRI, pioneer of the world’s most widely used standards on sustainability reporting and corporate disclosure. Each episode features the latest sustainability news, an interview with a member of GRI’s global multi-stakeholder community and insights on how sustainability data can empower action towards a better tomorrow.



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Episode 9
Chelsea Reinhardt

14 November 2016

This month Chelsea Reinhardt, Deputy Director of GRI's Standards Division, talks about the recent release of the new GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards, how it is different from the G4 Guidelines and she gives some insights into the work the Standards division and the Global Sustainability Standards Board will take on in 2017..



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Episode 8
Vishnee Payen

29 September 2016

This month Vishnee Payen, Group Sustainability & CSR Manager at LUX Resorts & Hotels, talks about how hotel operator is using their sustainability reporting process to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. LUX Resorts & Hotels is a member of GRI’s GOLD Community.



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Episode 7
Dr. Suman Majumdar

25 August 2016

This month, Dr. Suman Majumdar, Chief Sustainability Officer at JSW Group, speaks about the sustainability challenges facing the manufacturing sector, as well as how the company has benefited from sustainability reporting. JSW Group is a member of GRI’s GOLD Community.



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Episode 6
Christina Burmeister

28 July 2016

This month, Christina Burmeister, Sustainability Project Manager at Deutsche Bank, speaks about the company’s efforts to make banking more socially responsible, as well as the EU Directive on Non-financial Reporting, which goes into force in 2017. Deutsche Bank is a member of GRI’s GOLD Community.




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Episode 5
Elaine Cohen

30 June 2016

This month, Elaine Cohen, founder of the social and environmental business consulting firm Beyond Business Ltd and member of GRI's GOLD Community, talks about the challenges facing businesses as they try to improve the quality of their sustainability reporting.


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Episode 4
Tamara Barker

17 May 2016

This month, Tamara Barker, Chief Sustainability Officer and Vice President of Environmental Affairs at UPS, talks about the company’s global effort to reduce emissions via innovation and collaboration. She also talks at length about the company's perspective on sustainability reporting and how membership in GRI's GOLD Community benefits the business.


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Episode 3
Ernesto Ciorra

28 April 2016

This month Ernesto Ciorra, Head of Innovation and Sustainability at Enel, speaks with Bloomberg Sustainability Editor Eric Roston about innovation for sustainability and Enel's plan to go carbon-neutral by 2050. Enel and Bloomberg LP have partnered with GRI to convene the 5th GRI Global Conference, 18 - 20 May in Amsterdam.


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Episode 2
Dr. Nelmara Arbex

31 March 2016

This month Nelmara Arbex talks about the initial findings of the Sustainability and Reporting 2025 project in the new GRI publications The Next Era of Corporate Disclosure: Digital, Responsible, Interactive.


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Episode 1
Nikki McKean Wood

23 February 2016

GRI’s Media Relations Manager Davion Ford hosts the show, which includes news, interviews and forward-looking features. Episode 1 of the show features an interview with GRI’s Director of Corporate & Stakeholder Relations, Nikki McKean Wood, about the recent launch of GRI’s engagement program, the GOLD Community.