Call to all – shape future corporate reporting
01 November 2011

GRI is calling on all companies, organizations and individuals to help develop new Guidelines for sustainability reporting. Public input as part of the first Public Comment Period is crucial. Now is your chance to shape the future of corporate reporting!
There are only three weeks left for you to help shape the G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines by answering this survey.
The survey focuses on the structure and scope of the GRI Guidelines. Should GRI define the topics covered in a sustainability report, or should the company? Is the issue of toxics and chemicals more important than ecosystem services? Should there be a set of 10 obligatory indicators for all companies?
Public comment helps ensure that GRI’s Guidelines are consensus-based and reflect the broadest possible stakeholder input. The first G4 Public Comment Period is an online survey. It runs for 90 days and closes on 24 November 2011.
“There are some really big issues at stake here – G4 will have a huge impact on corporate reporting over the next decade. If people want a say in what they’ll be reporting in the future – and how they’ll be reporting – this is the time to engage!” said Nelmara Arbex, Deputy Chief Executive at GRI.
To increase the transparency of the process, GRI will publish the names of contributors when the consultation has finished. Names will not be linked to individual comments.
The survey is available in English, Portuguese (Português), Mandarin Chinese (简体中文), French (Français) and Spanish (Español) and can take 20 to 70 minutes to complete. You can only give feedback in one sitting, and your answers will count even if you do not complete the survey.
For more information about the survey, please click here.
Working Groups will develop draft Guidelines, which will be available for public comment in 2012. G4 will be launched at GRI’s Global Conference – 22-24 May 2013 in Amsterdam.
New G4 Working Group recruitment
GRI is calling for experts to join the new G4 Working Group, on Disclosures on Management Approach.
The results of the first Public Comment Period will define the formation of Working Groups to develop new content and other features for G4.
GRI’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) has decided to convene one Working Group before the Public Comment Period ends, to assess current Disclosures on Management Approach and improve them for G4.
The Working Group will be tasked with reviewing the Disclosure on Management Approach in G3.1 against current reporting practice, taking into account existing research, stakeholder engagement and expert consultation.
Working Groups are formed by the Secretariat, under the direction of the Board. Selection criteria include expertise, experience, stakeholder diversity and availability. If an area of expertise is not sufficiently covered in the Working Group, GRI may decide to undertake outreach activities to engage with organizations from the required area.
The stakeholder participants will be selected on the basis of the following criteria:
• Knowledge of and expertise in the reporting of management information
• Relevant knowledge of sustainability and/or annual reporting process
• Familiarity with the needs of sustainability report users
• Related experience with multi-stakeholder initiatives
• Understanding of and willingness to work in a consensus-based multi-stakeholder WG
• Ability to attend all Working Group meetings in person
• Ability to participate in Working Group meetings held in English and provide written English feedback when requested
All interested parties are invited to read the Terms of Reference of the Disclosure on Management Approach Working Group and nominate themselves by submitting an Application Form to GRI before Friday 2 December 2011.