Sustainability Reporter, Elaine Cohen gears up for the GRI Global Conference!
03 February 2016

​Sustainability Reporter at Beyond Business, Elaine Cohen is well versed in the conference circuit. As a long-standing participant of the GRI Global Conference, Elaine is gearing up for this year’s conference in May. Here she shares some of her conference insights.
What does the GRI Conference mean for you?
Most people might think that the GRI conference is all about learning how to do sustainability reporting better. That’s partly true but it’s much more than that. You all know that GRI’s motto evolved last year to become “Empowering Sustainable Decisions”. This means doing more to gain greater value from reporting. In fact, sustainability reporting may be one of the most under-used resources we have. Companies focus so much on the investment to develop sustainability reports that they often overlook the extraordinary value that the reporting process and the report content can bring, both by helping to optimize the sustainability engagement of an organization and also by driving change to enhance the positive impact of business on our quality of life.
What hot topics do you expect to explore at the GRI Conference?
I expect to hear about not only the evolution of reporting practice but also about ways to leverage the way we report and what we report to help realize the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. I expect to gain important new insights about the way sustainable development policy is emerging, the way innovation is changing the game and about the power of sustainability data to help make decisions. When companies report on sustainability, they are telling us how what they do affects us. In order to do that, they first need to consider how they decide about what they do that affects us. Leveraging the value inherent in sustainability reporting is what’s going to make the difference in the coming years.
What kind of audience are you expecting at the GRI Conference?
As usual, at GRI conferences, I am expecting an exhilarating mix of attendees, inspiring interactions and a camaraderie that’s fun and engaging. I am expecting to hear from the world’s best thinkers on sustainability and how they see us using sustainability reporting tools to help make Agenda 2030 a reality. I am expecting to learn something new and perhaps even many things that will help me contribute to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. I will surely meet old and new friends, maybe that includes you! 

Registration for the Conference is in full swing, and we already have representatives from 61 countries and 25 different sectors! We’ve been busy securing high-level speakers to share leading-edge knowledge on sustainability best practices, innovations and trends that are empowering sustainable decisions and changing the world. Here are just a few of them:

Read more in the detailed Conference Program, and register for the Conference today!