Featured Reports from around the world
14 December 2011

​GRI’s Featured Reports Service enables organizations from around the world to showcase their GRI sustainability reports, providing a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to access complete sustainability reports based on GRI’s Sustainability Reporting Framework.
​Six new GRI reports are highlighted as Featured Reports this month, covering organizations from North America, Europe and Australia from a broad spectrum of sectors. Five of these organizations successfully completed a GRI Application Level Check.

Follow the links below to view the reports and learn more about the organizations:
Clorox – Household & Personal Products (USA)
EVVA – Metals Products (Austria)
Ability Options – Non-profit / Services (Australia)
Australian Paper – Forest and Paper Products (Australia)
Munich Airport – Aviation (Germany)
Coloplast – Healthcare Services (Denmark)

If you want exposure for your GRI report, check out the Featured Reports Service on GRI’s website. GRI also offers a Combined Service Discount, which includes the GRI Application Level Check and Featured Reports service at a special reduced price.