GRI Welcomes new OS – featuring Royal Bafokeng Platinum (RBPlat)
14 December 2011

​Every month GRI welcomes new Organizational Stakeholders (OS). OS are key members of GRI’s network; they contribute their expertise, play an important governance role, and invest in GRI through annual financial contributions.
This month’s featured OS is Royal Bafokeng Platinum (RBPlat) - a black-owned and controlled producer of platinum.  With operations, explorations and development activities in South Africa, RBPlat produces platinum group metals often used in a number of industrial processes and commercial applications such as flat panel monitors, glass fiber, medical tools and computer hard drives. In November 2010 RBPlat was listed in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and released their first GRI-based integrated report in early 2011.

Mzila Mthenjane, Executive in Business Sustainability explains why they decided to become a GRI Organizational Stakeholder: “GRI has established a good set of reporting Guidelines which have been accepted worldwide and across industries as a benchmark for reporting on sustainability. These Guidelines are also referenced by other organizations that demand sustainability reporting from their members and signatories, for example, the UN Global Compact. We believe that GRI's Reporting Guidelines provide consistency and alignment with respect to sustainability reporting which is valuable for us, thus avoiding duplication of reporting efforts.”

“The GRI OS Program offers us an opportunity for ongoing learning from the various engagement opportunities, such as webinars and OS exclusive events that GRI facilitates between RBPlat and other OS. Especially interesting for us is to get insight into the experiences of other OS with regards to various reporting processes, such as data collection and aggregation and reporting using GRI Sector Supplements.”

This month the following OS have also joined GRI:
• Club Deportivo Mutualista El Loa, Chile
• FBRH Consultants Ltd, Cyprus
• Grupo QI, Brazil
• KALLCO Development GmbH, Austria
• Omnicane Limited, Mauritius

To learn more about GRI’s Organizational Stakeholder program, click here.