GRI addresses reporting issues at first international OS event
01 December 2010
​Integrated Reporters Novo Nordisk, Rabobank and Vancity shared their experiences at GRI’s first International Stakeholder event in Rome. From left to right: Nikki McKean-Wood - GRI OS Program Manager, Nelmara Arbex – GRI Deputy Chief Executive, Olaf Brugman - Rabobank CSR Manager, Susan Blesener - Novo Nordisk Director of Corporate Accountability.

​Participants from as far as Indonesia, Korea and Russia joined last Thursday’s GRI event “Towards a Sustainable and Transparent Economy” in Rome. The event was also live-streamed, broadening participation to 26 countries.
​The event was hosted by Enel, and comprised of two sessions. The morning session covered topics including the Green Economy and the future of sustainability reporting, with a panel that featured John Elkington from Volans, Nelmara Arbex from GRI, Toni Falconi from Methodos and Paolo Soprano from the Italian Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea.

Luigi Ferraris, Enel’s Chief Financial officer, announced Enel’s intention to produce a single reporting document integrating financial results with sustainability indicators. This announcement was of particular relevance for the afternoon session, which was exclusive to GRI’s Organizational Stakeholders (OS).

In the afternoon, Rabobank, Novo Nordisk and Vancity shared their experiences of integrated reporting with the OS audience. The audience then split into groups to address the barriers and challenges to and potential of integrated reporting in their own countries. A summary of the discussion will be circulated to all OS in early December.