Get involved! Open call for nominations for GRI's Stakeholder Council
07 March 2012

​GRI is now seeking new members for the Stakeholder Council for 2013-2015.
​You can send in your self-nomination for membership, or nominate a candidate that you think is suitable for this role. The nomination period starts on 5 March 2012 and will run until midnight CET on 4 May 2012.

The Stakeholder Council is GRI’s formal stakeholder policy forum and provides advice on key strategic and policy issues to GRI’s Board of Directors. The Stakeholder Council’s key governance functions include approving nominations for the Board of Directors and making strategic recommendations to the Board of Directors on future policy or business planning activities.

Key supporting functions by individual Stakeholder Council members can include participating in Working Groups convened by the Secretariat for Reporting Framework developments, and advising on or helping to build the GRI network in their constituencies or regions.

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