New Year rings the change for GRI Reports Service
12 January 2011

​The GRI Application Level Check is a service offered by GRI. It was introduced along with the Application Levels when the G3 Guidelines were released in October 2006. GRI’s Report Services team receives feedback regularly from its customers, and works to accommodate this in yearly updates to the service. The next such update, which includes a number of changes to the GRI Application Level Check, is effective as of 1 January 2011.
​During the GRI Application Level Check, GRI checks the extent to which the GRI Guidelines have been applied in an organization’s reporting. The check confirms that the required set and number of disclosures for the declared Application Level have been addressed in the reporting, and that the GRI Content Index is a valid representation of that particular Application Level. In addition, the Check ensures that the GRI Content Index serves its supplementary purpose as a well-functioning navigation mechanism for report readers. This has become increasingly important in recent years, as GRI sees a trend towards spreading sustainability information over different media, such as websites and alternative report formats.

In response to reporter requests, GRI will now provide a GRI Application Level Check Statement to reporting organizations that have their Application Levels checked by GRI. The statement is signed by GRI and should be included in the checked GRI reporting. All reporting organizations requesting a Check will be required to include the GRI Content Index with their report.

With the introduction of the GRI Application Level Check Statement, the self-declared and third-party-checked icons will no longer be available. Reporters should include a written Application Level declaration in their reporting when they self-declare the Level. Third-party-checked reporting should include a written declaration from the third-party-checker (please note that third-party-checkers are in no way affiliated to the Global Reporting Initiative and that their checking methodologies are not known to nor endorsed by GRI.)

In connection with the updates described above, the fee for the Application Level Checks is €1.750 as of 1 January 2011. The check remains free of charge for GRI’s Organizational Stakeholders, as part of their benefit package.

In addition, GRI is happy to announce the new price for its Featured Reports Service will be €550 as of 1 January 2011. OS will get a 20% discount (OS price €440). In combination with GRI’s featured Reports Service, GRI will be offering report announcement packages together with 3BLMedia & JustMeans.

A package deal will also be offered in combination with the GRI Application Level Check to non-Organizational Stakeholders. Reporting organizations making use of both services will receive a €100 discount on the fee of the total package.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to schedule your Application Level Check, please send an e-mail to