Speaking to a wider audience: GRI releases new resources for reporters
14 December 2011

​GRI is pleased to announce the release of two newly translated resources for reporters. The G3.1 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and Technical Protocol are now available in Spanish and the Mining and Metals Sector Supplement is now available in Portuguese.
GRI has also launched an updated version of the GRI - ISO 26000 linkage document, which includes linkage tables for the G3 and G3.1 Guidelines. The linkage document helps companies that report using the GRI Guidelines, understand how GRI reporting indicators are related to ISO 26000’s social responsibility (SR) guidance.

Translations are important for supporting organizations worldwide. Report Comunicação Sustainability Consultant, Alice do Valle explained their role in facilitating the translation of the GRI Mining and Metals Sector Supplement and their interest in doing so: “As a Brazilian sustainability and communications consultancy, Report Comunicação has produced sustainability reports based on GRI’s Guidelines for a large portfolio of corporate clients in the mining and metals industries,” said do Valle. “We have coordinated the Portuguese translation of the GRI Mining and Metals Sector Supplement because we believe that increasing the coverage of material issues related to economic, environmental and social impacts is critical to advancing the debate and understanding of sustainability issues within the sector in Brazil.

“The Sector Supplement brings clear guidance on how to report on issues such as material stewardship and community dialogue, especially with traditional and indigenous peoples. We hope that mining and metal companies in Brazil will increase their adherence to the Supplement and thus improve the quality and relevance of their reporting as well as their level of transparency and accountability,” added do Valle.

GRI would like to thank Alice do Valle of Report Comunicação for coordinating the Portuguese translation of the Mining and Metals Sector Supplement. The following people also graciously gave up their time to peer review this translation and ensure that it was of a high standard: Liliane Lana Liberato, Ana Paula Cutolo, Laura Peiter, Ana Lucia de Melo Custodio and Fabio Abdala.

For the Spanish translation of the G3.1 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and Technical Protocol, GRI would like to thank KPMG Spain for coordinating the process and the following organizations and individuals for their efforts in supporting and peer reviewing the translation: KPMG Mexico and CECODES, Manuel Tarraza Perez, Alexis Mariano Ortiz Castillo and Alvaro Cruzat Ochagavia.

GRI works hard to continuously update its resources for reporters in order to make reporting as effective and efficient as possible. Other translations that are currently in process are the Chinese, Italian and Swedish translations of the G3.1 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. The latest translations help to increase the uptake of sustainability reporting and support GRI’s inclusive approach to communication – all of which contributes to GRI’s mission of mainstreaming sustainability reporting.

For more information on GRI’s translations program, please contact Daniela Bonora.
To download the Spanish version of the G3.1 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and Technical Protocol and the Portuguese version of the Mining and Metals Sector Supplement, view the 'Take Action' links on the right of this page.