The benefits of going digital: GRI launches its G4 XBRL Reports Program
07 February 2014

​In November last year, GRI launched an updated version of its Taxonomy – ‘the GRI Taxonomy 2013’. The new Taxonomy, prepared in collaboration with Deloitte Netherlands, was updated for use with G4, and designed to give organizations better control over the quality and integrity of their sustainability performance data.
​In order to introduce the benefits of the GRI Taxonomy 2013, GRI is now launching its G4 XBRL Reports Program. Along with promoting the use of the G4 Guidelines in the GRI XBRL Taxonomy 2013, the Program will increase interest in the Voluntary Filing Program and provide organizations with a number of examples of XBRL-tagged reports.

GRI estimates that a growing number of companies will use the G4 Guidelines for their annual sustainability reports in 2014. Organizations that publish their G4 reports and tag the data using the GRI Taxonomy 2013 are encouraged to apply for the G4 XBRL Reports Program. GRI will promote these reports in two ways. First, by adding them to the Voluntary Filing Program directory. Second, by publishing an article from the reporting organization examining how it prepares a G4 report in XBRL. A publication summarizing the experiences of all the participating reporting organizations will be issued at the end of the project.

In addition, if the report is prepared in English by a listed reporting organization, Deloitte can help to prepare the G4 XBRL report.

Elina Sviklina, Manager Report Services at GRI said: “It’s been two months since the GRI Taxonomy 2013 was launched. With the G4 XBRL Reports Program, we hope to help organizations use the Taxonomy with their G4 reports. Preparing a report based on G4 will be a new experience in itself, but making the report XBRL-readable, will transform the whole GRI reporting experience.”

Organizations can apply for the G4 XBRL Reports Program before 31 May 2014 by submitting this Sign-up form to A maximum of 20 reports will be accepted for the Program, and a total of 10 reports will be checked and tagged by Deloitte.

For more information, please consult the G4 XBRL Reports Program page on the GRI website, the Terms and Conditions of the Program, or send an email to: