GRI at P4G Summit: More partnerships to reach the SDGs
14 November 2018

​The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a blueprint for ensuring prosperity, the future of the planet, and of everyone in it. At GRI, we believe that dialogue with governments, international organizations, academia, civil society organizations and, of course, businesses, is crucial to maximize the impact of sustainability reporting and greatly contribute to achieving the SDGs.
​GRI was present at the P4G Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark on 19-20 October, to encourage partnerships, discuss how can they be reinforced and drive reforms while aiming to achieve the SDGs goals, and how sustainability reporting can play its part. 

Thanks to the collaboration with P4G, GRI saw firsthand the growing interest in enabling concrete public-private partnerships aiming to achieve the SDGs and the Paris Climate Agreement goals, with actors both large and small. This was an opportunity to listen, directly from leaders in different sectors and governments, about how they are working to fulfill their commitment to promote change through partnership. It was also an opportunity to get inspired by the discussion, which aimed to take the theory and put it to very concrete action. 

Beyond dialogue, the P4G Summit was also an opportunity for peer-to-peer learning and exchange of ideas around specific projects and initiatives. Participants were encouraged to to discuss and learn about how the projects related to the SDGs in five specific areas: food and agriculture, water, energy, cities and the circular economy. 

Each activity at the Summit was designed to enable and reinforce partnerships. A productive partnership usually starts with identification and recognition of common interests among its members. But good facilitation is important to consolidate them. At the P4G Summit, this process was conceived as a centrifuge motion with, at the center, organizations who had already started projects, and kept on going to include other interested participants through workshops, pitch competitions and other networking opportunities.

In the long path towards partnerships there are many stops, P4G summit was a valuable one, a stop to learn more about other organizations walking the same path as us, and understanding how sustainability reporting fits in with other efforts. As the say, we don’t actually walk the walk, we make the walk by walking, together those who we found on the way. Because, as Robert Swan once said, “The biggest threat is to believe that someone else will save the world”.