Market Regulators and Operators

Market regulators and operators around the world are increasingly requiring listed companies to disclose information about their sustainability risks and impacts.
GRI's engagement with Market Regulators

​Market regulators and operators are increasingly playing a crucial role in encouraging good corporate governance and transparency by requiring companies listed on their exchanges to fulfill certain standards.

Investors and market analysts (including rating agencies) are also demanding disclosure of a company’s sustainability (including environmental, social and governance) impacts and performance. 

A number of multilateral initiatives, led by both international organizations and by investors, have emerged in this space – such as the Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative, the Investor Network on Climate Risk (INCR), a project of Ceres, and the Sustainable Working Group of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE). Such initiatives aim to build consensus and lead calls for greater disclosures of sustainability information.

GRI encourages the use of informed policies to promote sustainability reporting for companies listing on their exchanges. Such policies can be good for capital markets, good for investors and companies, and, ultimately, good for wider society.  

In this sense, GRI has developed a policy paper in consultation with key international actors entitled "A role for market regulators and operators in advancing corporate transparency on sustainability". This paper explores how market regulators and operators can use their role as policy makers to promote disclosures of sustainability data  by listed companies, as well as it prompts debate and action by market regulators and operators to create more transparent and sustainable capital markets.


In this area, GRI collaborates with:


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