G3.1 Guidelines and the Financial Services Supplement

​GRI developed supporting tools for reporters that want to use G3.1 with G3 based Supplements.
Using the G3.1 Guidelines with this Supplement
​The G3 Guidelines, the cornerstone of GRI's Sustainability Reporting Framework, were first published in 2006. In March 2011 GRI released the G3.1 Guidelines, an update and completion of the third generation of GRI's Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.

Reporters can decide to report using the G3 Guidelines or the updated G3.1 Guidelines.

The Financial Services Sector Supplement is based on the G3 Guidelines. GRI provides a table mapping G3.1 to the Financial Services Supplement to help find the changes that the G3.1 updates bring to this Supplement.

This table helps to identify sections in the Supplement where G3.1 introduces changes, by adding report requirements or changing G3 disclosures.

When using the table, please refer to specific sections of the Financial Services Supplement document and the same sections of the G3.1 Guidelines as highlighted in the table.

Download the Financial Services Sector Supplement and G3.1 Mapping Tool

Download G3.1 Guidelines including Technical Protocol - Highlighted version

In sections where there is overlap, one option has been identified:

A. The disclosures are complementary. Check on both indicators in G3.1 and FSSS (e.g. report on financing agreements (FSSS) and on contracts (G3.1)).