Earth Charter International

​The Forum is open to all who believe that sustainability reporting is necessary and beneficial – that companies should reveal their performance or the reasons why they don’t.

The Earth Charter International offers some of the most comprehensive guidance available on how to build a just and sustainable global society. The Charter, especially its fourth pillar, calls for the strengthening of democracy and emphasizes the importance of accountability and transparency for sustainability. In order to improve any government, organization, company, or community, accountability and transparency are vital.
The Earth Charter International believes that sustainability reporting is an integral part of implementing the vision of sustainability and of promoting democracy and peace. The increase in sustainability reporting initiatives, such as the Global Reporting Initiative, are fundamental to fostering a more peaceful, democratic, and sustainable world.
Earth Charter International strongly encourages organizations using the Charter to report publicly using the appropriate GRI indicators. ECI Secretariat has started using GRI Indicators as part of its annual reporting efforts. It urges organizations already committed to the GRI to consider deepening and expanding their commitment to the vision of a just, sustainable, and peaceful world, using the Earth Charter as a guide. The Charter can help to place the GRI in a broader ethical context. It also provides clear normative guidance on both issues covered by the GRI reporting guidelines, and on issues not yet covered by GRI.