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Disclosure Review Service

​Improve the quality of your report with GRI's new Disclosure Review Service!

 What is the Disclosure Review Service?

​​With GRI's new Disclosure Review Service, you can get feedback to help improve the quality of your report- both now and for future reporting cycles. 

Responding to interest from clients, we are proud to launch a new GRI service that fills a much-needed gap in the market: GRI’s new Disclosure Review Service is designed to help organizations improve the content of their report by reviewing specific disclosures and determine whether the organization has responded to the information requests from the requirements outlined in the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards (GRI Standards).

Learn more about our service through our webinar!  


Disclosure Review Service covers a selection of 10 disclosures, strategically selected to address an organization’s approach towards stakeholder engagement and materiality assessment, thus aiming to improve the overall quality of the report. More disclosures will be added later this year, extending the service to management approach disclosures.

GRI has piloted this service with selected organizations. Hear what they have to say about the service below!

“The earlier the new service is used to generate the reports, the greater the benefit. Because the review team plays the role of the stakeholders, the dialogue improves the quality, the foundation, the transparency and the comparability of different reports.” Moritz Vögeli– Lecturer, Institut für Umwelt und Natürliche Ressourcen

“At LandCorp we are committed to improving our sustainability reporting. The GRI Disclosure Review Service looked at 10 key disclosures and provided more information on the Materiality and Stakeholder Inclusiveness principles. The clear feedback on the disclosures ensured we addressed every information request as set out by the requirements in the GRI Standards. It also highlighted areas, particularly on the principles, that we could clarify and improve in our next reporting cycle." Nivia Giuffre – Sustainability Strategy Coordinator, LandCorp 

“I believe the service can help organizations further improve their efforts to be more transparent, and to notice the issues that they must work on in order to become more sustainable." Florencia Renda- Sustainability Analyst, Santander Río


 Who is this service for?


 What does the service review?

​As part of this service, the following 10 disclosures will be reviewed in terms of their alignment with the information requests as set out by the requirements of the GRI Standards:
    • GRI 102-15: Key impacts, risks, and opportunities
    • GRI 102-40: List of stakeholder groups
    • GRI 102-41: Collective bargaining agreements
    • GRI 102-42: Identifying and selecting stakeholders
    • GRI 102-43: Approach to stakeholder engagement
    • GRI 102-44: Key topics and concerns raised
    • GRI 102-46: Defining report content and topic Boundaries
    • GRI 102-47: List of material topics
    • GRI 102-54: Claims of reporting in accordance with the GRI Standards
    • GRI 102-55: GRI content index

Along with these 10 disclosures, GRI will provide feedback on the application of 2 principles for defining report content, namely the Stakeholder Inclusiveness and Materiality principles. 

 What are the timelines and fees for the service?


 Organizational mark for your report!

​Organizations that successfully complete the GRI Disclosure Review Service receive a customized GRI Alignment Service organizational mark to place in their report. 

There are three versions of the organizational mark for this service, depending on the extent that the reporting organization addresses the information requests in the GRI Standards from the reviewed disclosures. Organizations that address a minimum of 30% of the information requests as set in the GRI Standards should be addressed for the reviewed disclosures in the report to receive a mark for this service.

Organizations that address 30% - 70% of the information requests as set in the requirements from the GRI Standards from the reviewed disclosures, will receive this mark and statement for this service.

Organizations that address 70% - 90% of the information requests as set in the requirements from the GRI Standards, will receive this mark and statement for this service.   

Organizations that address 100% of the information requests as set in the requirements from the GRI Standards, will receive this mark and statement for this service.  


Organizations that receive no feedback through this service but are considered to have addressed the information requests as presented in the GRI Standards will also receive this version of the organizational mark but with a customized statement. 

The organizational mark can be used in both the electronic and printed version of the report, provided that both versions are identical. It is not permitted to use of the mark in any other location of the report, on the organization's website, or in other communications; and it is not permitted to change the mark. Other terms of use are available in the GRI Trademarks and Copyrights Policy and in the Terms and Conditions for this service.

 How can I apply for the service?


 What documents do I need to consult?