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Increase the transparency of your 'GRI-referenced' material

 What is the GRI-Referenced Service?


​Through their modular structure, the GRI Standards offer more flexibility to reporters to select the specific content relevant for them. This option is referred to as a 'GRI-referenced' claim. It is appropriate for an organization that wants to report on their economic, environmental and/or social impacts, but which are not looking to use the GRI Standards to provide a full picture of its material topics and related impacts.

The GRI-Referenced Service confirms that the claim included in the published materials is aligned with the requirements of GRI 101, clause 3.3 on 'Using selected Standards with a GRI-referenced claim'.


 What does the GRI-Referenced Service Review?


 What is the timeline and fee for the GRI-Referenced Service?


Below is the introductory fee for reporting organizations requesting a GRI-Referenced Service, submitted up to 30 June 2018:

GRI-Referenced Service (only available for reports using selected GRI Standards or parts of their content to report on specific information) *

GRI-Referenced report


€1500, -


The following timeline would apply: 


Please note that the review process continues with a second (or subsequent) round of comments until GRI has no further feedback within the scope of the service. 

Please note that the price for GRI-Referenced Services submitted on/after 1 July 2018 will be as follows: 


GRI-Referenced Service (only available for reports using selected GRI Standards or parts of their content to report on specific information) *

GRI-Referenced report


Not-for-profit/ SME


Regular Timeline

€2000, -

€2250, -

Fast Track Timeline

€2750, -

€3000, -


For services submitted on/after 1 July 2018, the following timelines would apply:  


Starting from 1 July 2018, should the reporting organization require the first and/or subsequent feedback(s) within fewer days, it is possible to request a ‘Fast Track’ option where the first feedback is delivered within 2 full working days after confirmation and the subsequent feedbacks after 1 full working day. This involves an additional fee. The reporting organization may apply for the Fast Track timeline with the sign-up form. 

 Please note as the review time for this service is greatly dependent on how extensively the GRI Standards have been referenced in the draft materials, in cases where the number of disclosures referenced is quite extensive, it may not be possible to opt for Fast Track option. This can only be assessed at the time of confirming the request for service. 


GRI GOLD Community members

GRI GOLD Community members can receive discounts on certain Alignment Services. For more information, please see our Pricing Policy.

 *Fee amounts are exclusive of Value Added Taxes (VAT).


 Organizational Mark for your materials!


​When you successfully complete the GRI-Referenced Service you will receive a customized GRI Alignment Service Organizational Mark to place on the page where you make your required GRI-referenced claim (see GRI 101, clause 3.3 on 'Using selected Standards with a GRI-referenced claim'). 


The Organizational Mark can be used in both electronic and printed version of the materials which reference the Standards, provided both versions are identical. It is not permitted to use of the mark in any other location of the materials (other than on the page with the claim), on the website, or in any other communications; and it is not permitted to change the mark. Other terms of use are available in the GRI Trademarks and Copyrights Policy.



 How can I apply for the GRI-Referenced Service?


​Please sent the following to our Report Services Team at 

Application Requirements

1. (Draft) materials, containing: 

- The claim in GRI 101, clause 3.3 (Using Selected Standards with a GRI-referenced claim)

- Page references to where the selected Standards content can be found in the body of the material. The exact text in the material where the disclosures have been addressed should be highlighted for the purposes of the service.

2. Completed sign-up form for the service, with:

- Agreement of the Terms and Conditions

- Acknowledgement of understanding the Methodology


 What documents do I need to consult?


Disclaimer: GRI services do not verify, check or pass judgment on the quality of the disclosures within a report nor the process of preparing the disclosures. That responsibility remains with the reporting organization and its stakeholders. GRI’s services are not an external assurance engagement, although are complementary. GRI does not carry any legal responsibility for the implementation of the feedback by the organization. The GSSB is an independent operating entity under the auspices of GRI and has sole responsibility for setting globally accepted standards for sustainability reporting and as such has no involvement with the delivery of GRI Services.