Materiality Disclosures Service

Ensure the clarity of your materiality disclosures

 What is the Materiality Disclosures Service?


​The GRI Standards emphasize the need for organizations to focus their reporting on material topics.

The Materiality Disclosures Service focuses on the disclosures you provide about the materiality assessment used for your report, stakeholder engagement, how you have defined the content of your report; and how you have defined the boundary for each topic. 


 What does the Materiality Disclosures Service review?


 What are the timelines and fees for the Materiality Disclosures Service?




Please note that the review process continues with a second (or subsequent) round of comments, until GRI has no further feedback within the scope of the service.

Fees as of 01/01/2020

Here you can find an overview of fees by organization type and timeline. 

​Timeline ​Non-for profit/ SME ​Corporate

Core or Comprehensive

in accordance option


Regular Service Timeline

€ 2800, -

€ 3000, -

Fast Track Timeline

€ 3800, -

€ 4000, -

GRI Community members can receive discounts on Alignment Services. For more information, please see our Pricing Policy.

Fees are exclusive of Value Added Tax


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 How can I apply for the Materiality Disclosures Service?


 What documents do I need to consult?


​Do you report using the new GRI Standards?

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 Disclaimer: GRI services do not verify, check or pass judgment on the quality of the disclosures within a report nor the process of preparing the disclosures. That responsibility remains with the reporting organization and its stakeholders. GRI’s services are not an external assurance engagement, although are complementary. GRI does not carry any legal responsibility for the implementation of the feedback by the organization. The GSSB is an independent operating entity under the auspices of GRI and has sole responsibility for setting globally accepted standards for sustainability reporting and as such has no involvement with the delivery of GRI Services.