Management Approach Disclosure Review

Improve the narrative information on the management approach with the Disclosure Review Service. This service can be performed on draft and published reports.

 What is the Disclosure Review Service?

GRI’s Disclosure Review Service is designed to help organizations improve the content of their report by reviewing specific disclosures and determine whether the organization has responded to the information requests from the requirements outlined in the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards (GRI Standards).The Disclosure Review Service is offered in different modules.  
The module Management Approach covers a review of Disclosures 103-1, 103-2 and 103-3 under GRI 103: Management Approach 2016, thus aiming to improve the narrative information on the approach of management of material topics by the organizations.
The service does not review the quality or correctness of the actual report data. Moreover, the scope of the service does not review what an external assurance provider might have reviewed for a set of disclosures.
The Disclosure Review Service can be performed on draft or published reports. The methodology or scope of the service is not affected but the procedures are slightly different. More information is provided in the Terms and Conditions for this service.  

 What do we review in the Management approach module?


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 Report Language

The Service can be performed in any language but as this Service requires diving into the content of sustainability reports, GRI Services team would accept reports in the languages that the team speaks and for any other language, an English translation of the relevant content to be reviewed needs to be provided.

As of February 2019, these languages spoken in the team are: English, Dutch, Greek, German and Turkish. Contact GRI’s Services Team for more information.

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