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​​GRI's  Published Report Review Service is an exclusive service, targeted to leading companies in the field of sustainability reporting. This service is customized to the needs of reporting organizations and provides them with the unique opportunity to receive feedback on their reporting efforts by senior GRI staff, with immense expertise in sustainability reporting. 

The Published Report Review Service is usually offered in a half-day face-to-face workshop. Alternatively, an online workshop can be arranged after discussions with the organization. 

Are you interested in the Published Report Review Service? Contact GRI's Services Department! 

Testimonials from past clients 

“Despite a short time frame, GRI provided us with a number of suggestions for improvement that we had never considered while working on our own report. We will be reflecting on these suggestions in our future reports, as we strive to effectively convey relevant information to all our stakeholders."- Akira Kimura, 
Head of Corporate Planning Supervisory Unit at Honda Motor Japan

"We are committed to increasing the quality and the consistency of our sustainability reporting. The GRI Review Service allow us to verify if our Annual Report is clear, accurate, and aligned with the GRI Standards. This feedback is also a way for us to step up our focus on stakeholder engagement."- Michel Washer, Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer at Solvay


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 Disclaimer for GRI Report Services

GRI services do not verify, check or pass judgment on the quality of the disclosures within a report nor the process of preparing the disclosures. That responsibility remains with the reporting organization and its stakeholders. GRI’s services are not an external assurance engagement, although are complementary. GRI does not carry any legal responsibility for the implementation of the feedback by the organization. The GSSB is an independent operating entity under the auspices of GRI and has sole responsibility for setting globally accepted standards for sustainability reporting and as such has no involvement with the delivery of GRI Services.