Ensure materiality disclosures are visible to your stakeholders

Bring clarity to your disclosures through the GRI Materiality Disclosures Service.

Why choose the Materiality Disclosures Service?

With the Materiality Disclosures service, we will help you clearly present the materiality disclosures in your GRI content index, as these disclosures reflect the findings of the materiality assessment and stakeholder engagement.

We will then help you ensure disclosures that relate to materiality are clearly labeled and referenced (which include GRI Disclosures 102-40 through to 102-49).

This service also assists you with presenting a user-friendly content index that addresses what is expected in the GRI Standards, ensuring you understand what needs included and that references to the GRI Standards are accurate.

More about the service

  • You can have first feedback within one working week, or shorter with our fast track service

  • You can use GRI Community membership credits

  • You will receive a customized GRI Alignment Service organizational mark that you can use on your report

  • You will receive a statement from GRI that explains the scope of the service to your stakeholders

  • At the end of the service, you will receive guidance on registering your report to the Report Registration System, which is a requirement set out in the GRI Standards.

Application requirements

A near final version of your report