Data Partners in Europe

GRI works with its Data Partners to capture vital information about sustainability reporting, and developments in organizational disclosure.
Data Partner Details
Below is the list of official GRI Data Partners in Europe, including details related to registering a report with them.  If you have published a non-Standards report, get in touch with the local Data Partner to register your report into the Database. 



DQS CFS GmbH's Data Partner details
DQS CFS GmbH is an auditing & assessment body with its headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. Within the global DQS Group, DQS CFS handles all assessment services related to sustainability and CSR. This includes, but is not limited to, third-party assurance on sustainability reporting, responsible sourcing audits, workplace safety inspections and environmental assessments.

The DQS Group has a global network of over 3,000 auditors and performs over 80,000 assessment days per year. 



​Forethix' Data Partner details
Forethix is a leading advisory firm, specialized in responsible investment and corporate responsibility. Our team of experts advises investment professionals & leaders to align financial performance and sustainability. We help investors, Asset Managers, corporations and national and international policy makers to integrate ESG factors into their Strategy, operational business model, measurement, monitoring and reporting systems, in compliance with international standards. 

We operate in Europe, MENA and Africa. Forethix is a GRI Certified Training Partner in Luxembourg, Morocco and France, GRI Data Partners for Benelux Countries, Expert-verificator for CSR National Institute - INDR, LuxFLAG member as well as signatory of UNPRI Service Provider. 


Czech Republic

Flagship's Data Partner details
Flagship is a Czech-British consultancy specializing in corporate sustainability strategy, communications and non-financial reporting. We provide thought leadership and customized solutions for the management of sustainability issues to local and international businesses. Together we formulate sustainability strategies, engage with stakeholders and communicate with internal and external audiences. We are based in Prague and provide local expertise to our clients in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Materiality-Reporting's Data Partner details
We provide solutions to help organizations to make SUSTAINABILITY REPORTING a standard and MATERIAL practice. We provide guidance and support through the recognised international frameworks for disclosure of non-financial information.

DQS CFS GmbH's Data Partner details



​Global Sustain's Data Partner details
Since 2006, Global Sustain creates awareness and inspires and supports companies and organisations to embody sustainability, through advisory, communications, networking and training, with a focus on the people-planet-profit philosophy. Based in London and Athens, with offices in Berlin, Brussels, New York, Nicosia, and Zurich, Global Sustain offers innovative online and off-line services related to sustainability, corporate responsibility, responsible investing, green economy, business ethics and excellence, transparency, human rights and accountability. Its members include corporations, non-governmental and non-profit organisations, municipalities and local authorities, academic institutions, media, professional bodies, service providers, chambers, think tanks and other public or private entities. Global Sustain is a signatory to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), a GRI Gold Community and Data Partner, an affiliated member of the Academy of Business in Society, Social Value International, Institute of Directors, CEO Clubs and EFQM.


denkstatt Hungary Kft.'s Data Partner details
The denkstatt Hungary Kft. is one of the most significant consulting companies in Central and Eastern Europe for sustainable development. Our team of more than 80 experts in seven European countries supports the success of our clients by applying sustainable business practices and innovative solutions for the protection of the environment.

We analyse the problems, goals and possibilities of our clients from three aspects: ecological, economic and social points of view. Our aim is to offer our clients new perspectives as a confident and innovative partner and to help them in gaining advantages over the competition by implementing sustainable methods. Denkstatt was founded in 1993 in Austria and has been present in Hungary since 1997. Our Budapest office is currently comprised of more than 15 experts and an interdisciplinary team available for our clients.


​CEGCEN's Data Partner details
CEGCEN Group is a consulting and training firm based in Italy and in Argentina specialized in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Sustainability. We develop our services based on a high subject-matter and field experience combined with expertise on international and national standards. Our training services range from workshop, courses to certified trainings courses all of them with a high academic content. Our goal is to help organizations and integrate their commercial operations through Sustainability Reports, External Assurance and Improvement Plan. We are also strategic partners since 2007 of  Forcopim of Italy,  a recognized training institution, with which we also work  in that country issues of CSR, Sustainability issues and reporting under GRI Standards.

We contribute to GRI’s work in these levels:
1) As a member of GRI Gold Community. 
2) As a  GRI Certified Training Partner currently in Process of Certification for ARGENTINA
3) As a proud  Gri Data Partner for ITALY

Republic of Ireland

​G&A's Data Partner details
Governance & Accountability Institute is a knowledge center and provider of services and support for managers addressing critical issues related to “ESG Factors” – environmental and energy, social and governance issues and concerns of interest to investors and stakeholders. The team tracks trends and monitors news, provides research and analysis, and offers independent strategies and advisory services to leaders and boards in the corporate, social and public sectors. Institute offerings include: Best Practices Benchmarking; Customized research; Strategies and Critical Issues Management Programs; Risk Management and Crisis Preparedness, including technology platforms; Electronic and print communications and publishing. 


​Forethix' Data Partner details





Forethix' Data Partner details




CSRinfo's Data Partner details
CSRinfo is an education and consulting company specializing in CSR and sustainable development solutions. Our mission is to build a responsible and sustainable business in Poland and in the region, supporting organizations and practitioners, and thus contributing to the sustainable development of societies.
CSRinfo offers expert advice on all CSR areas, from strategy building, through stakeholder engagement, to sustainability reporting.
In addition, CSRinfo carries out a number of educational project with renowned business partners, governmental agendas and nonprofit organizations. CSRinfo is the sole owner of, the leading Polish platform on CSR and sustainable development.
We are a market leader in CSR training and the owner of the key communication platform in Poland: Portal

The CSR Agency's Data Partner details
The CSR Agency is a management consultancy business, specialized in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Sustainability. We train and advise organizations of all sizes about Corporate Responsibility, helping them to understand and embed it in their operations.

Our training and mentoring services range from short introductory briefings and workshops, to facilitated visioning sessions and on to strategic mentoring and integrated action planning.
The CSR Agency provides you with the understanding, confidence and competence to help you achieve success through corporate responsibility and sustainability. We support CSR coordinators in research, strategic planning, project management, monitoring and sustainability reporting.

We believe in an economy based on transparency and competition arising from the non-financial reporting impact (sustainability) of companies.


Russian Federation
Group of Companies “Da-Strategy” was founded in 2004 and now plays one of the leading roles on the consulting market in the sphere of sustainable development reporting. Our clients are the largest Russian organizations that have system-value meaning for the Russian economy.
In addition, “Da-Strategy” participates in the development and promotion of non-financial and integrated reporting in Russia.
​​RSPP's Data Partner details
The Russian Federation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) is an independent non-governmental national business organization. RSPP unites over 60 trade associations and as many as 80 regional business associations - in major economic sectors, and represents the interests of many thousands of industrial, research, financial and business entities in Russia.
RSPP organizations collectively generate over two thirds of Russia's GDP. RSPP's mission is to consolidate efforts by Russian industrialists and entrepreneurs to improve the business environment, raise business standards, promote the image of Russian business both domestically at home and abroad, and maintain the balance of interests between society, government and business.




​Schwery Consulting' Data Partner details
Schwery Consulting is a Swiss-based social entrepreneurship. We have been a GRI certified Training Partner since 2011. As a member of the GRI EOSS Working Group we helped to develop sector-specific guidelines for event organisers. 

We organise regular workshops on sustainability reporting, stakeholder engagement and other sustainability-related topics.
We develop customised management tools to monitor and benchmark sustainability performance.
We support organisations in sustainability management and reporting; and
as GRI Data Partner for Switzerland we help organisations register their report. 

Send us your report for registration (preferably as a PDF) to with the relevant contact details. 
You can find more information on our company at




DQS CFS GmbH's Data Partner details
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Flagship's Data Partner details

United Kingdom