Become a Certified Training Partner

The GRI certified training courses are for individuals seeking practical trainings on how to use the GRI Standards for sustainability reporting process. The Certified Training Partner Program is the means by which GRI spreads this know-how around the world.

 Why should your organization become a Certified Training Partner?


As a GRI Training Partner, your organization will not only become part of the GRI Community which are at the heart of GRI’s global network, but will also become part of a carefully selected exclusive group of training organizations dedicated to empower decision makers everywhere to take action towards a more sustainable economy and world through the GRI Certified Training Program.

 Further benefits of being a Certified Training Partner:

  • Exclusive rights to offer GRI Certified Training Courses in the licensed country

  • Use of the ‘GRI Certified Training Partner’ Organizational Mark for promotional purposes

  • Promotion of Training Partner organizations on the GRI website

  • Promotion of your Certified Training Courses on the GRI website


If your organization sees the value in becoming a GRI Certified Training Partner, you will be able to find more information about the process of becoming a Certified Training Partner in the section below. 


 Current Certified Training Partners

​If you are interested to become a Certified Training Partner, it is good to know that GRI decided to open the market worldwide and there are presently no limitations as to the number of Certified Training Partners within one country/region. Therefore, you are free to apply to become a Certified Training Partner either in your own country/region, or any other area you are interested in.

Please visit this page to view a list of Certified Training Partners that are currently licensed to offer the GRI Certified Training Program.
Click here to download the Application Form.

You can contact us at for any further questions or to submit your application.

Please read more about the Certification process below.

 Certification process information


Organizations interested in joining the Certified Training Program will have to complete the following steps before becoming fully Certified Training Partners:

1.     Submit application - To apply, organizations must complete and submit the Application Form. The form must be submitted to There is one-time Application Fee of €500,- to be paid to GRI before the application can be processed. Please send us a copy of your PayPal payment confirmation for the Application Fee along with the Application Form. After receiving the payment, GRI will assess your application.

2.     GRI Assessment of Application - GRI will assess the application based on the information included in the form and on the following criteria:
Training Partners should be organizations with ethical reputation and a demonstrable history of GRI reporting. They should also have the following attributes:
  • Track record in delivering high quality training programs in the field of sustainability reporting, CSR, accountability, transparency, ethics or related subjects

  • Educational expertise in the field of sustainability reporting, CSR, accountability, transparency, ethics or related subjects

  • Established market with target participants and knowledge of regional CSR context

3.     Become a member of the GRI Community - All Certified Training Partners must be members of the GRI Community, GRI’s core supporters. If your organization is not a member already, please do sign-up here.

4.     Training Program and License Agreement - Once the application has been reviewed and accepted by GRI, a Training Program and License Agreement (TLA) will be signed by both parties.

5.     Payment of Certification Fee The certification fee is a one-time fee. The amount is based on the country of application and the category of the organization.The countries of application that are eligible for the non-OECD certification fees can be found here. The fee includes the certification of the training materials in English, plus a Training of Trainers (ToT) for 2 nominated trainers, who will be authorized to conduct the training courses. Any additional trainers can be nominated upon request for an additional fee of € 500/trainer.

Please see the Pricing Policy here.

6.     Certification Process - The GRI certified training course consists of GRI-developed content as well as Partner-developed local content. After receiving proof of payment of the Certification Fee, GRI will send the GRI-developed content together with instructions on how to develop the Partner-developed local content for certification.

7.     Certification of Training Material - Once the Partner-developed content has been reviewed and approved, GRI will consolidate the parts into a Certified Training Material Pack for the Training Partner.
8.     Pay Annual License Fee – Before the newly Certified Training Partner can begin offering the GRI Training Courses, the Annual License Fee should be paid. The Annual License fee is a fixed fee of € 2,500 for all Training Partners, regardless of size or location. After receiving proof of payment of the Fee, an electronic copy of the certified training material is sent to the Training Partner.
9.     One year certification as a Training Partner - After having completed all the above steps, the organization has become a fully Certified Training Partner and is licensed to offer GRI Certified Trainings in their specified territory(ies). The certification is valid for 12 months from the date of certification and an official certificate to this effect will be sent to the Training Partner, together with other materials which may be used by the organization for promotional purposes. 

Renewal Three months before the end of the license period, the Training Partner will be assessed based on the number of courses held during previous the year and the outcome of the Quality Control assessment for these courses. The renewal will take place automatically, provided that the aforementioned requirement has been met and the new Annual License fee has been paid.

If you have any further questions about the process of becoming a Certified Training Partner, please read the Frequently Asked Questions or contact the team at