Questions about translations, training and services

Are the GRI Standards available in other languages?

The official language of the GRI Standards is English.

Additional language versions of the GRI Standards will be made available in 2017. Priority languages include: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Find out more on the GRI translations page.

Is there training available on the GRI Standards?

GRI will offer training on the new GRI Standards for both existing G4 reporters, and new reporters.

Existing G4 reporters can already attend a half-day, in-depth training on how to smoothly transition to the GRI Standards.

New reporters will be able to attend a course from 2017 onwards to learn about the GRI Standards.

These trainings are offered through GRI’s network of Certified Training Partners. Find a Certified Training Partner near you or consult the Training course calendar which is updated on a regular basis. For questions on GRI Training, please contact

Does GRI provide any services related to the application of the GRI Standards?

The Content Index Service and the Materiality Disclosures Service are available for reports based on the GRI Standards. GRI will start offering the SDG Mapping Service based on the new GRI Standards from the first quarter of 2017 onward.

For reports based on the G4 Guidelines, the Content Index Service, Materiality Disclosures Service and the SDG Mapping Service will be provided for as long as the G4 Guidelines remain valid – for reports published until 30 June 2018.

The GRI Standards will be effective (required) for reports or other materials published on or after 1 July 2018, although earlier adoption is encouraged.

For questions on GRI Services, please contact