Questions about translations, training and services

Are the GRI Standards available in other languages?

The official language of the GRI Standards is English.

GRI Standards translations are currently available in: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

GRI Standards translations and the upcoming translation schedule are available here.

Is there training available on the GRI Standards?

The GRI Certified Standards Training Course provides basic knowledge of the GRI Standards and explains how to use for the sustainability reporting process.

Former G4 reporters can attend a half-day, in-depth training on how to smoothly transition to the GRI Standards.

New reporters can attend the Certified Standards Training Course, offered through GRI’s network of Certified Training Partners.

Find a Certified Training Partner near you or consult the training course calendar which is updated on a regular basis. For questions on GRI trainings, please contact

Does GRI provide any services or tools related to the application of the GRI Standards?

GRI offers a broad range of services to get expert guidance at every step of the reporting process.

First-time reporters can benefit from GRI’s support to Kick-start their reporting process.

The Materiality Disclosures Service and the Content Index Service are available for reporters that want to build a more accurate, user-friendly report.

The Disclosure Review Service, focusing on Stakeholder Engagement and Materiality and an organization’s Management Approach, can help maximize an organization’s reporting impact through a detailed review of specific disclosures. GRI can also provide insightful feedback on published sustainability reports with their extensive Review Service.

Similarly, GRI provides an array of tools to help reporters manage the GRI disclosures and create top-notch reports that make their sustainability efforts stand out. The Digital Reporting Tool can help reporters publish their data on reports prepared in accordance with or referencing the GRI Standards. To access the tool, please go to

For any questions, please contact GRI Services (