How we are funded

For over 25 years, GRI has relied on supporters to help us achieve our mission of creating accountability and transparency throughout the world. Thanks to them, we’ve helped over 14,000 organizations build their sustainability capacity and meet the needs of tomorrow.

Today, it’s never been more urgent that organizations around the world step up. Your investments help keep GRI independent and ensure that whether you’re a hotel chain in Asia or a textile manufacturer in South America, the world’s de facto standard in sustainability reporting is at your fingertips, free and ready to use.

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Our funders

GRI is grateful for the support it receives from a diverse range of partners.  With their help, we run transformative programs around the world.  

In particular, GRI would like to thank our institutional funders from SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) and SECO (Swiss Confederation's State Secretariat for Economic Affairs) as well as Porticus and Walton Family Foundation.  We also thank Deloitte, PWC, and KPMG for their generous contributions to support our mission.

With your help, we can go further.

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Help us keep GRI free and independent. Together we can build a better world for future generations.

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