EU needs mandatory reporting system with global reach

Published date: 04 February 2021

Article: GRI perspective on proposed European sustainability standards

The importance of the changes by the European Commission to strengthen the non-financial reporting – including how the European Financial Reporting Group (EFRAG) might develop EU sustainability reporting standards – has been highlighted by GRI.

Writing for, our Chief External Affairs Officer, Peter Paul van de Wijs, sets out how such standards can leverage the GRI Standards and support change beyond the EU’s borders. Read the article here:

EU: Mandatory Reporting System With Global Reach Required

The GRI Standards are truly global in nature and adoption, which aligns with the ambition of the Commission to develop a solution for use beyond Europe… Building the European effort to develop robust non-financial reporting standards based on GRI’s technical experience will give the EU the head start needed to meet its objectives and timelines."

Peter Paul van de Wijs