Getting to grips with sustainability risks

Published date: 18 October 2021

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As the COVID-19 pandemic has proven, all organizations need to do more to deliver effective and pre-emptive risk management. Yet how is the integration of sustainability risks coming to the fore – shaping the role of risk managers and growing in importance from the context of organizational transformation?

In this article on Medium, Lany Harijanti, Program Manager with GRI’s ASEAN Regional Hub, explores the outcomes and insights from a recent GRI webinar on risk management:

Risky business: why sustainability is now central to mitigating risk

The role of risk manager is no longer confined to traditional financial risks and regulatory expectations but progressively is contributing more into how to support a sustainable business model. In a volatile and uncertain world, having the expertise to assess the multiple sustainability risks facing the business is more essential than ever before.”

Lany Harijanti

The Aligning Sustainability and Risk Management event took place in September, as the second instalment of the GRI Expert Series: Building Leadership for Sustainable Business. Places can be booked now for the next webinar, on 16 November, which focuses on the indispensable role of CEOs in sustainability.