03 September 2014
Fostering ESG transparency

​Deutsche Börse Group (German Stock Exchange) has conducted research among DAX® companies on the disclosure of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and sustainability information. One applied research indicator was the use and reference of the GRI Guidelines.
As an Organizational Stakeholder (OS) since 2010, the Deutsche Börse Group is part of a large global network within GRI committed to sustainability reporting, participating alongside 600 organizations from over 65 countries, and representing a wide range of sectors and constituencies. It is an active actor engaged in fostering sustainability amongst German businesses and non-financial reporting. Although there are no legal obligations for listed companies to disclose non-financial data, the group has been incentivizing sustainability (reporting) since 2006. It offers a broad range of sustainability indices (for example, STOXX ESG Leaders indices) and, most recently, published a ‘Best Practice Guide’ for issuers containing recommendations on the disclosure of sustainable information.
Contributing to Deutsche Börse Group’s transparency initiative
The DAX® index consists of the 30 largest and most actively traded German companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Given its status as the largest euro-zone economy, the DAX® is considered one of the most important indices for European investors.
The Deutsche Börse Group has screened DAX® companies on the sustainability information they disclose in their annual, sustainability, combined or integrated reports. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues are increasingly taken into account to inform responsible investment decisions. Therefore, Deutsche Börse’s online platform is an important step in fostering greater ESG transparency.
“As a service-oriented marketplace organizer, Deutsche Börse Group sees its responsibility in ensuring the economic success and stability of the financial markets through capital market-oriented transparency initiatives amongst other things. And in doing so, we focus on the needs of our stakeholders and market participants. We are committed to providing market participants with optimal transparency and are truly delighted to have GRI’s support in this”, says Julia Taeschner, Head of Corporate Responsibility.
For more information, see the Deutsche Börse’s Group’s online platform.