GRI’s statement on the United States withdrawal from the Paris Agreement
02 June 2017

As the global leader in sustainability disclosure standards, GRI is disappointed by yesterday's decision by US president Donald Trump to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. Although this is a set-back in the global effort to combat climate change, we are confident that the agreement will continue, given the weight of the rest of the world's governments – including many who have renewed their commitment in light of yesterday's announcement – and the corporate community. We are particularly reassured to see that global businesses, including those in the oil and coal industry, have reaffirmed their belief in the value of the Paris Agreement.
The GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards provide essential tools for organizations to identify and disclose their environmental impact. The practice of disclosing sustainability information inspires accountability and creates opportunities to make improvements.  With more than 90% of the largest 250 companies in the world reporting on their sustainability results, the battle against climate change will continue.  Many of these companies have revenues that exceed the GDP of countries, and supply chains that stretch around the world. Their commitment to sustainability and transparency will continue to fuel our path forward.
We urge the United States to reconsider its decision and re-join the rest of world's governments and corporations in their efforts to create a more sustainable planet.