GRI welcomes new Organizational Stakeholders - Featuring Viyellatex Group
31 May 2011

​Every month GRI welcomes new Organizational Stakeholders. OS are key members of GRI’s network; they contribute their expertise, play an important governance role, and invest in GRI through annual financial contributions.
This month’s featured OS is the Viyellatex Group (VTG), a textile manufacturing companies in Bangladesh with a production portfolio that ranges from yarn to garments. Bangladesh is one of the largest readymade garment exporters in the world, and VTG has grown significantly since the company began production in 1996.
On joining the OS program, Ravi Khan, Head of Sustainability for Viyellatex, said, “We feel that we will receive positive exposure by being a GRI OS. By using the exclusive GRI OS logo, we will be able to show our support for GRI and highlight the value we obtain from using the GRI Guidelines, which will give the Viyellatex Group a competitive edge in the international market. We will be able to interact and work towards sustainability issues with similar-minded firms and will acquire new ideas about sustainability which will help us progress as a sustainable organization.”
Viyellatex Group also see their participation in the GRI OS Program as an opportunity to show the world that a company from a developing nation can make products for top clothing lines and be socially and environmentally sound at the same time.  As Mr. Khan points out, “It is not just a matter of branding for us, we also want to encourage other companies from every corner of the globe to follow our footsteps and know that caring for the environment and society can be aligned with making money in these very competitive times. We feel being a GRI OS gives us that platform.”
This month the following OS have also joined GRI:

 • Ability Options Limited - Australia
 • ACMA RIOJA S.L. -  Spain
 • BetterRelations CSR Strategy & Communications - Germany
 • BSD Ecuador - Ecuador
 • Consolidated Property Services Pty Ltd - Australia
 • Green Standard Certification Program - United Kingdom
 • Orex SM - Portugal
 • Rat für Ruhm und Ehre - Germany
 • Rewise - Sweden
 • Risk for Good - United States of America
 • VMS Consulting - Mexico
 • WR Beer & Co. LLC - United States of America

Visit GRI’s website to learn more about the OS program