Join the GRI and UN Global Compact partnership to shape the future of SDG-reporting
11 January 2017

In September 2016, GRI and the United Nations Global Compact announced the partnership of SDG Leadership through Reporting, a new initiative to promote and shape the future of corporate reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A global list of prioritized disclosures for tracking business contributions and impacts on the SDGs will be produced for the UN High Level Political Forum in July 2017. It is now time for businesses and stakeholders to join this exciting journey.
“GRI and the UN Global Compact are united by our conviction that business action will determine the success of the ambitious 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, and the achievement of the SDGs. We work with many thousands of businesses,” said GRI’s Deputy Chief Executive Teresa Fogelberg. “Our renewed partnership, focused on the SDGs, will help these companies report against the global goals, leveraging UNGC Communications on Progress and the GRI Standards, with which they are already familiar. This will enable businesses to smoothly incorporate SDG reporting into their existing processes, empowering them to act and make the achievements of the SDGs a reality.”

GRI and the UN Global Compact are now activating their respective networks to create a multi-stakeholder group of leading businesses, reporting experts and data users. In this endeavor, they will also involve Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), to increase the value of corporate sustainability disclosures for the financial community. 

The multi-stakeholder group which runs until the end of 2018 will operate with two formations: A wider group will contribute to shaping the future of SDG reporting, and includes businesses and other stakeholders invited by UNGC and GRI: governments, international organizations, business associations, the investment community, civil society, trade unions, academia, and data users. A more focused group, composed of just businesses, will serve as a business engagement and peer learning forum, where members can show leadership in their SDG performance, by helping define and promote their business contributions to the SDGs.

Ambitions for the two year partnership
In the first year, members of the multi-stakeholder group will play a pivotal role in the following expected outcomes and deliverables:
  • A global list of prioritized disclosures for tracking business contributions to the SDGs, to be presented by the platform members through a special event at the UN High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in July 2017.
  • A publication on leadership and practice for business on SDG reporting, to be presented at the UN Private Sector Forum, convened during the UN General Assembly in September 2017.

In the second year, members will contribute to the GRI and UNGC work processes regarding future potential integration of the SDGs in the GRI Standards and the re-design of UN Global Compact’s Communication on Progress (COP). We also expect members to provide inputs in the analysis of business contribution to the SDGs, which may lead to new ways to extract and aggregate data on SDG implementation from a large quantity of individual corporate reports. Results will be presented at the 2018 UN High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development.

Strategic support by PwC
This groundbreaking initiative is made possible through very substantial and strategic support by PwC. A specialist expert team from four different countries has been dedicated to this task, led by Malcolm Preston, global sustainability lead partner at PwC. They will support the GRI-UNGC SDG Leadership through Reporting platform, both in terms of methodology and research, as well as engagement with the wider group and the more focused business group.

Malcolm Preston: “PwC are thrilled to be supporting GRI and UNGC - two organizations at the forefront of sustainability reporting and the sustainable development agenda - on this pioneering initiative. Corporate involvement in achieving the SDGs is essential, and being able to support the partnership with their groundbreaking research and international stakeholder engagement is a great privilege for PwC.”

Why should business engage?
We are inviting leading companies to join the business group of this initiative. By joining, you can expect the following benefits:
  • Opportunity to better understand and shape emerging investor practices on integrating the SDGs into analysis and decision-making and possible implications for corporate reporting;
  • Opportunity to learn and receive practical insights, knowledge, and tools on key trends and emerging best practices in reporting and communication on the SDGs;
  • Opportunity to help shape the future of corporate reporting as promoted and required by the UN Global Compact, GRI and PRI.
  • Access to a network and community of leading companies and key actors in the space of sustainability and integrated reporting;
  • Opportunity to profile your company’s SDG strategy and approach to SDG reporting as part of UN Global Compact and GRI events and communications;
  • Opportunity to contribute to key UN processes on sustainable development.

Email us at to find out how you can get involved. More details will be available soon on GRI channels.

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