Say Hello to Banco Banesco!
13 January 2016

Organizational Stakeholders (OS) provide valuable support for GRI: they contribute their expertise, play an important governance role, and invest through annual financial contributions. This month, GRI warmly welcomes Banco Banesco to the OS Program.
Banco Banesco is a financial service provider with headquarters in Venezuela. It was founded in 1977 as an agro industrial bank until it changed its name in 1987. Banco Banesco is part of the financial group which includes an insurance and consumer banking division. They published their first sustainability report in 2007.
Bertha Vivas, Corporate and Social Responsibility Manager at Banesco explains why they decided to join the OS Program:

“We’re very glad to become OS as we want to make our commitment to sustainability tangible. The participation of Bradesco in this program enables us to be closer to GRI, to participate in the activities offered to us and be part of the global network of sustainability leaders. We think more organizations around the globe should be more involved in these type of initiatives that contribute to a more sustainable world.
We also believe being part of the GRI network will help increase our knowledge in sustainability and reporting. We will learn from best practices and trends around the globe which will translate in economic value for our stakeholders, increase our contribution to the environment and opportunities for our communities. It also represents an opportunity for us to improve our sustainability reporting and to share our experience with other companies.”

GRI also warmly welcomes the following organizations, which joined the OS Program in December:
Gavin Gow Inc Attorneys - South Africa
Strategic Agenda – UK