Strengthening its leadership: GRI welcomes new governance body members
07 November 2013

​GRI is pleased to announce the appointment of new members on its Board of Directors (Board), Stakeholder Council (SC) and Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) - the three governance bodies that oversee GRI’s activities and play a leading role in the development of its Sustainability Reporting Framework.

​Each year elections are held for members of these governance bodies and this year six members have been appointed to the Board, seventeen to the SC and three to the TAC. All three bodies also welcome new Chairs to the fore.

Replacing five long-serving members who have completed their terms and reappointing one, the six Board appointments for 2014 add to the existing balance, diversity and expertise at GRI; maintaining and reinforcing an organizational approach based on bridge-building, and the inputs of diverse voices and specialisms. 

The Board members, voted in by the SC, are: Alexandra Watson, Eric Hespenheide, Manfred Warda, Pavan Sukhdev, Roberto de Ocampo and Roberto Waack. They will each serve terms to December 2016 and take a leading role in GRI’s strategic approach to promoting change towards a sustainable global economy, and increasing corporate transparency and accountability.

GRI’s new Chairman, institutional investor Christianna Wood, begins her term on 25 November, replacing outgoing GRI Chairman, Herman Mulder.

Commenting on her appointment, Ms. Wood said: “It is an incredibly important time for investors to be heard as a growing number of companies look to integrate GRI sustainability reporting standards into integrated reporting. With over three quarters of the 4000 largest companies in the world already using GRI standards for sustainability reporting, all stakeholders have a vested interest in maintaining the highest standards of transparency and comparability in the evolution of global reporting.”

The Stakeholder Council, the formal stakeholder policy forum within the GRI governance structure that advises the Board on strategic issues, boasts a diverse membership of up to 50 people representing core constituencies in GRI’s network: business, civil society, investment, labor and mediating institutions. The business, civil society and mediating institution representatives are voted in by GRI’s Organizational Stakeholders, while the labor representatives are appointed by major international labor organizations.

Helena Barton, Partner - Deloitte Sustainability, replaces Karin Ireton of Standard Bank South Africa as the new SC Chair, serving a term of two years from 1 January 2014. Barton will be supported by the following new SC members, whose terms will start on 1 January 2014 and run until 31 December 2016: 

Business Enterprise Constituency:   

​• ​Seema Arora (Executive Director, Confederation of Indian Industry)
​• ​Michel Bande (Senior Executive Vice President - Assistant to the CEO, Solvay)
​• ​Susan Blesener (The Art of Value)
​• ​Frank van den Hurk (Senior Reporting Manager Sustainability, Rabobank)
​• ​Lemarron Kaanto (Corporate Affairs & Community Development Manager, Tata Chemicals Magadi)
​• ​Amanda Keogh (Head of Sustainability - Asia Pacific and Australia, Fuji Xerox)
​• ​Nilesh Moodley  (Group Sustainability Manager, Liberty Group)
​• ​Roberto Pedote (Vice President of Finance, Investor Relations and Legal Affairs, Natura Cosméticos)
​• ​Karsten Schroeder (Head of Sustainability Measurement and Reporting, econsense - Forum for Sustainable Development of German Business e. V.)
​• ​Matthias W. Send (General Manager, HEAG Südhessische Energie AG (HSE))
​• ​Milagros Zamudio (Head of Corporate Image and Social Responsibility, Electroperu S.A.)

Civil Society Organization Constituency:   

• Abdul M Fatoma (Founder/CEO, Campaign for Human Rights and Development S/L) 

Investment Institutions Constituency:

• Julian Poulter (Executive Director, Asset Owners Disclosure Project)

Mediating Institutions Constituency:  

​• ​Peiyuan Guo (General Manager & Co-founder, SynTao Co., Ltd.)
​• ​Neha Kumar (Senior Technical Expert, GIZ India)
​• ​Rodney Ndamba (CEO, Institute for Sustainability Africa (Insaf))
​• ​Jorge Reyes Iturbide (Director, Centro IDEARSE - Universidad Anahuac)

The Technical Advisory Committee assists GRI’s Board and Secretariat in maintaining the overall quality and coherence of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Framework by providing high-level technical advice and expertise.

With a maximum of 15 members, the TAC recommends the development plan, specific technical direction, and form of GRI’s technical content. The Committee also ensures that GRI’s technical content is developed in accordance with its due process.

Following this year’s elections, newly appointment Board member, Eric Hespenheide, former Senior Partner at Deloitte & Touche LLP for over 25 years, replaces Denise Esdon as Chairman of the TAC for a two year term starting 1 January 2014. The other new TAC members are:  

​• ​Kirsten M. Hovi, Head of Viability Reporting, Norsk Hydro ASA (Business Enterprise Constituency)
​• ​Sulema Pioli, Sustainability Practice Manager Brazil, ERM (Mediating Institutions Constituency)
​• ​Dwight W. Justice, Policy Advisor, ITUC International Trade Union Confederation (Labor Constituency)

All new TAC members will serve their terms from 1 January 2014 until 31 December 2016. There are currently nominations underway for a fourth new TAC member, who will also join the ranks in January.

For more information on GRI’s governance structure, follow this link.

Read more about GRI’s new Chair here, and follow this link to read a press release on the new Board appointments.