Reporting for the digital era: GRI’s Digital Reporting Tool updated
01 November 2018

​Sustainability reporting can help companies and organizations better understand the economic, environmental and social impacts that their daily operations cause. It is a tool that supports organization to measure and communicate those impacts, and can provide indicators that feed into and strengthen strategic responses. 
​For companies, systematizing data about its sustainability impacts can present challenges. And fully understanding what data is most relevant to disclose can be difficult. To help facilitate this process, GRI launched its free Digital Reporting Tool in July.  On 1 November, it launched further updates that will make navigation easier, and keeping progress more visual. 

Whether the sustainability report is in accordance with or references the GRI Standards, the tool provides the rules behind each claim, which makes it easy for reporters to meet the requirements for disclosure. It also has a clear progress bar, that helps report preparers keep track of progress on each disclosure. And the new iteration of the tool makes it easier to navigate between disclosures. 

GRI welcomes feedback to further improve and refine the tool, regardless of the size of the company. GRI’s Digital Reporting Tool can be particularly useful for report preparers at the beginning stages of their reporting journeys, who need a place to store all their information in an organized way.