SDG Mapping Service

Confirms that the SDGs are correctly mapped against the GRI disclosures


 What is the SDG Mapping Service?


​The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been developed following an open consultation process led by the United Nations, governments around the world have committed themselves to achieving these goals before 2030.

By making sustainability data more traceable and useable and the link to the SDGs more clear, the SDG Mapping Service can give your internal and external stakeholders more faith in your reporting, thereby increasing trust.

The GRI SDG Mapping Service focuses exclusively on those GRI disclosures where reporting organizations have indicated their reference to the SDGs. GRI will confirm that the SDGs are correctly mapped against the GRI and that these disclosures are easily traceable in the report.

A document including mapping of SDGs against the GRI disclosure is available on the GRI website, for the GRI Standards.


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Disclaimer: GRI services do not verify, check or pass judgment on the quality of the disclosures within a report nor the process of preparing the disclosures. That responsibility remains with the reporting organization and its stakeholders. GRI’s services are not an external assurance engagement, although are complementary. GRI does not carry any legal responsibility for the implementation of the feedback by the organization. The GSSB is an independent operating entity under the auspices of GRI and has sole responsibility for setting globally accepted standards for sustainability reporting and as such has no involvement with the delivery of GRI Services.