The Global Sustainability Standards Board (GSSB) has sole responsibility for setting the first globally accepted standards for sustainability reporting – the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards.

Established as an independent operating entity under the auspices of GRI, the GSSB is formed of 15 members representing a range of expertise and multi-stakeholder perspectives on sustainability reporting. The GSSB operates under the GSSB Terms of Reference to oversee the development of the GRI Standards according to a formally defined due process.

The GSSB works exclusively in the public interest and according to the vision and mission of GRI. With the exception of some administrative discussions, which can be held privately at the GSSB’s discretion, all GSSB meetings are open to the public and available online.

Due process & development

The GRI Sustainability Reporting  Standards are the product of more than 15 years of robust, global, multi-stakeholder development.

GSSB members

The GSSB's members represent the best combination of technical expertise, diversity of experience, and multi-stakeholder perspective for the development of sustainability reporting.

GSSB meetings

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GRI Standards updates

Learn more about past, current and future projects to update the GRI Standards – including how you can get involved.

Work Program and Standards review


Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Global Sustainability Standards Board and its work.


Most recent GSSB meeting

As established in the GSSB Terms of Reference, the meetings of the GSSB ‘shall be open to the public, but certain discussions (normally about selection, appointment and other administrative issues) may be held in private at the discretion of the GSSB’.

The GSSB therefore publishes the agenda, the documents to be discussed, and a link to the Livestream approximately two weeks prior to each meeting. The most recent meeting of the GSSB was held on 19 July 2017

GSSB In-Person Meeting – 20-21 September 2017 

This meeting has public and private sessions.

You can listen to the livestream of the meeting here.

Day 1: 20 September 2017​

Public session Documents Livestream

​09:00-09:15 CET ​

Session 1.1: Welcome 

Review of agenda for the meeting and approval meeting summary

Item 00 - Meeting Agenda

Item 01 - Draft Summary 19 July meeting


Listen here

​09:15-09:40 CET

Session 1.2: Overview of the current Standards Division activities & context

Item 02 -Taiwan Stock Exchange Letter

Listen here

09:40-09:55 CET

Session 1.2.1: Project Update Occupational Health and Safety


Listen here

09:55-10:10 CET

Session 1.2.2: Project Update Water



Listen here

10:25-11.10 CET

Session 1.2.3: Project Update Human Rights

Item 03 - Proposed Membership for GRI Technical Committee on Human Rights Disclosure

Item 04 - Terms of Reference for GRI Technical Committee on Human Rights Disclosure

Item 05 - Consultation with reporters on the GRI human rights disclosures 

Listen here

11:10-11.15 CET

Session 1.2.4: project Update Tax and payments to government

None Listen here

11:15-11:20 CET

Session 1.2.5: Project Update Economic Performance




Listen here

11:20-12:30 CET

Session 1.3: Monitoring Update - First year of application of the GRI Standards


Item 06 - Summary of technical questions on the GRI Standards

Item 07 - Monitoring Program – First year of application of the GRI Standards

Listen here
 Private session Documents  Livestream
13:30-14.15 CET

Session 1.4: CE Update - GRI Strategy Refresh

Private  NA
Public sessions Documents Livestream

14:15-14:45 CET

Session 1.5: CE Update Tim Mohin - Input to GSSB Work Program Review

None Listen here

14:45-15:45 CET

Session 1.6: Task Force on Climate related Financial Discloures (TCFD) - Presentation Recommendations & Discussion Collaboration Opportunities

Item 08 -  Recommendations of the TCFD Listen here

16:00-16:45 CET

Session 1.7: Regulation & Policy - Governments / Stock Exchanges Update

Item 09 - SSE Report on Progress 2016

Item 09a - WFE Sustainability Survey April 2017 

Listen here

16:45-17:15 CET

Session 1.8: Discussion GSSB Members - Perspectives on Updates


Listen here

17:15-17:30 CET

Session 1.9: Summary of Day 1 / Close of public meeting Day 1


Listen here

Day 2: 21 September 2017

Public session Documents Livestream

09:00-09:15 CET ​ 

Session 1.7: Regulation - Governments / Stock Exchanges Update

 None Listen here

​09:15-09:30 CET ​ 

Session 2.1: Welcome and review of agenda of Day 2

None Listen here

09:30-10:15 CET

​Session 2.2: Review Proposal - Project Prioritization


Listen here

10:15-10:45 CET

Session 2.3: Review Work Program - 2017-2019

Item 10 - GSSB Work Program 2017-2019

Listen here

11:00-11.45 CET

Session 2.3.1: Review and reprioritization current projects

None Listen here

11:45-12:30 CET

Session 2.3.2: Review proposal additional projects

None Listen here

13:30-14:00 CET

Session 2.3.3: Approval revised Work Program for public consultation

None Listen here

14:00-14:30 CET

Session 2.4: AoB - Due process relevent matters

None Listen here

14:30-14:35 CET

Session 2.5: Close of Public Meeting Day 2

None Listen here
 Private session Documents  Livestream
14:35-15:05 CET

Session 2.6: AoB - Administrative Matters / Background Briefings

Private  NA

15:05-15:15 CET

Session 2.7: Summary of Day 2 / Close of Meeting Day 2

Private NA