FAQ overview

Using the links above, you can find information and answers to frequently asked questions about the GRI Standards, by category.

Please note that, as an independent standard-setter, the GRI Standards Division is not able to provide interpretations of text in the Standards or to provide consultancy advice on how to apply the Standards. If a concept is not clarified by the text of the Standards, then it is up to the judgment of the reporting organization to interpret this.

Please also refer to clause 2.7 in GRI 101: Foundation, which recommends that organizations should ‘compile and report information using generally accepted international metrics (such as kilograms or liters) and standard conversion factors, and explain the basis of measurement/calculation where not otherwise apparent’.

More questions or feedback?

For any other questions, or to give feedback on the Standards, please contact standards@globalreporting.org. The Standards Division aims to return responses to inquiries within 5 working days.

Please note that the Standards Division is only able to respond to enquires submitted by email and in the English language.

The questions and feedback received on the Standards may be shared publicly and anonymously with the GSSB. The GSSB will consider these for future revisions of Standards and may develop FAQs, interpretations or guidance, as needed.