Due Process Oversight Committee

The primary responsibility of the Due Process Oversight Committee (DPOC) is to ensure that the standard-setting activities of the GRI's Global Sustainability Standards Board (GSSB) are conducted in accordance with its due process, in order to increase public and stakeholder confidence that the standards are properly responsive to the public interest.

Appointments to the DPOC are on a voluntary basis and members serve a term of three years. The membership is refreshed on a regular basis with a global public call for applications. 

Current members:


Ms. Kathrin Madl

Chair of the DPOC 

CSR and Sustainability Manager

Alperia SpA


Ms. Cristina Balan

Vice-Chair of the DPOC

Managing Partner 



Ms. Caroline Wakesho Sonje

Consultant Group ESG Specialist

ICEA Lion Insurance Holdings Limited


Ms. Jenitha John



Mr. Jeremy Nicholls

Assurance Framework lead for UNDP SDG Impact Standards

Self employed with part time long term contract with UNDP.