Stakeholder Council

The Stakeholder Council is the formal stakeholder forum within the GRI governance structure, and advises the Board on strategic issues. The Council's key governance functions include appointing Board members and making recommendations on future policy, business planning and activity.

Up to 50 members sit on the Stakeholder Council. Its membership is diverse, and drawn from all United Nations-defined regions: East Asia and Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, North America, South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

The members represent core constituencies in GRI’s network: Business, Civil Society Organization, Investment Institution, Labor and Mediating Institution. 

Current membership

There are currently 48 members of the Stakeholder Council. The Chair is Karla Guerrero and the Vice Chair is Carina Luchini. 

All appointments are on a voluntary basis for three-year terms.

The members are listed below, by constituency group. 



Adriana Lagrotta Leles

Advisor and CEO, SANASA, Brazil


Ahamed Kishor Hameed

Director at Cusino (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka


Anirban Ghosh

Chief Sustainability Officer, Mahindra and Mahindra, India


Clara Goyret

General Coordinator, Renault Argentina’s Foundation, Argentina


Elmer Lenzen

CEO, Macondo Publishing GmbH, Germany


Fallight Xu

Regional Officer Corporate Social Responsibility Greater China, TUV Rheinland, China


Francesca Viliani

Group Sustainable Development and Health Function, International SOS, Denmark


Helen Medina

Senior Public Affairs Manager, Government and Multilateral Relations, Nestle SA, Switzerland


Isidora Diaz Heredia

Safety Director, Parques Reuniods, Spain


Jeff Wright

CEO, Durania LLC, USA


Jennifer Leitsch

Vice President, Corporate Responsibility CBRE., USA  

Karla Lizzeth Guerrero Lozoya (Chair)

Director of Ethics and Strategy and Consultant, CEMEX, Mexico


Keli Liu

Sustainability Director, Occupational Health & Safety Assistance Inc., China


Mikkel Larsen

Chief Sustainability Officer, Managing Director, DBS Bank, Singapore


Monica Streck

Director Strategic Sustainability Management, Munich Airport, Germany


Mozdeh Ghanbary

Function Management Consultant, Industrial Management Institute, Iran


Ndidi Nnoli

Group Chief, Sustainability & Governance, Dangote Industries Ltd, Nigeria


Olumide Orojimi

Head, Corporate Communications, The Nigerian Stock Exchange, Nigeria


Prabh Kaur Banga

Director, Sustainability, Aecon, Canada 


Thomas Trier Hansen

Human Rights Manager, FIFA, Dubai


Vishnee Payen

Managing Director, Sustainability Consultancy, Mauritius




Constance Kane

Executive Director, Litteratus Associates, USA


Hugh Grant

Convener, Australian Sustainability Leaders Forum, Australia


Mark Anthony Camilleri

Resident Academic, University of Malta, Malta


Mohamed Elimam

Project Manager, Smart Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Rusong Li

China Advocacy Coordinator, Campaign for Tobacco, China


Ryan Johnson

Executive Director, Executive and Professional Education, School of Sustainability, Arizona State University, USA


Tatiana Araujo

Institutional Projects Senior Adviser, Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development, Brazil 




Antti Savilaakso

Partner and Head of ESG Research, Auriel Equity Investors, Jersey


Brandon Urdang

Sustainability Manager, Liberty Holdings Ltd., South Africa


Joan Carlos Noguera

Owner, 12 Social Impact Investing S.L., Spain


Neha Kumar

India Programme Manager, Climate Bond Initiative, India


Ozdemir Haluk

Iboard Advisor, PharmaTech_TR VC Fund - Istanbul Portfolio Management, Turkey


Paul Farella

VP, Director of Sustainable Investment, ADCM, LLC dba Willow, USA




Crecencia Carina Mokofeng

Regional representative, Building and Wood Workers International, South Africa


Marion Hellmann

Senior Advisor of the Building and Wood Workers International, Switzerland


Rajendra Kumar Acharya

Regional Secretary of UNI Apro, the Asia and Pacific Regional Organization of UNI Global Union, India




Aleksandra Stanek-Kowalcyzk

Owner, Managing Director, Sapere, Poland


Bahar Gidwani

CEO and Co-founder, CSRHub LLC, USA


Bonar Laureto

Executive Director, Philippine Business for the Environment, Philippines


Carina Luchini (Vice-Chair)

Consultant, Volant Strategies, Argentina


Diana Guerrero Lozoya

Deputy Director, Etica y Estretegia Consultores, Mexico


Erdem Kolcuoglu

Co-founder, Kiymet-i-Harbiye Management Consultancy, Turkey


Javier Ballesteros

Director Sustainability Services, Valora Consultores SA de CV, Mexico


Koleen Daila Palaganas

VP for Sustainability, SM Investments Corporation, Philippines 


Malin Lindfors Speace

Senior Advisor of the Building and Wood Workers International, Ethos International, Sweden


Mardi McBrien

 Managing Director, Climate Disclosure Standards Board, UK


Tuba Atabey

Founder and Senior Consultant and Facilitator, SUSTAiNOVA Sustainability Consultancy, Turkey