GRI in Hispanic America

The Hub provides guidance and support to local organizations by increasing awareness, building capacity, and strengthening GRI’s network in the region. They bring the Latin American perspective to GRI’s global vision and is based in Bogota, Colombia. It officially opened in June 2014 and prioritizes five countries: Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Argentina and Chile. They also respond to requests from other Spanish speaking countries in the region.​ 

Who we work with

We have a variety of partners throughout the region in our priority countries, ranging from our donors, reporting companies—large, medium and small, stock exchanges, regulators and government agencies, industry associations and chambers of commerce, consultants, civil society, and academics.   

Competitive Business Program (CSRCB) 

This program supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Colombia and suppliers of large companies to build their capacity for sustainability reporting.  

The program also works with policy actors to create a conducive environment for sustainability reporting and transparency. Also, we work with investors, capital markets and the financial sector to promote the demand for ESG data 

Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency 

This program supports our work in the overall Latin American region focusing on increasing awareness and capacity building on sustainability reporting using the GRI Standards. Our policy work focuses on SDGs, Business and Human Rights, Public Procurement and Circular Economy. We also work with capital markets and regulators across the region to strengthen the demand side.  

Get in touch! 

Interested in using the GRI Standards or helping advance sustainability reporting in the region? Contact us and we’ll be in touch.

Andrea Pradilla, Director

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