GRI in South Asia

GRI South Asia is based in New Delhi and Mumbai, India.

We work with policymakers, academia, professional institutions, stock exchanges, international and civil society organizations and other partners in the region to strengthen sustainability reporting and promote the SDGs.

Countries we are active in:
Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
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Interested in helping advance sustainability reporting or want to learn more about what the GRI Standards have to offer to your organization? We would be delighted to hear from you!

Latest news

In November, GRI South Asia marked its 10th Anniversary with a month-long celebration. To commemorate this significant milestone, we organized various meetings, consultations, and a high-level event that brought together stakeholders from across the South Asia region, including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and India. Both GRI CEO, Eelco van der Enden, and GRI GSSB Chair, Carol Adams, addressed our event, enriching the discussions and providing a global perspective.

The insights gathered from these meetings and the event have been incorporated into several of our resources, accessible through the links below:

We are also grateful for all the support to our Consortium members and our Strategic Partners.

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Current programs

Our current list of programs to help make sustainability reporting a common practice among organizations includes GRI South Asia SDG 2030, Sustainability Imperative Charter, Sustainable Trade and Investment through Sustainability Reporting, Capacity Building of Stock Exchanges, and Regulators & Businesses.

Linking sustainability reporting with SDGs

With support from Sida (Swedish International Development Agency), we work together with key organizations to help them embrace sustainability reporting as well as reporting on the SDGs. For instance, as an outcome of the GRI South Asia Summit, held in July 2020, we developed the Charter on Sustainability Imperatives, which sees businesses commit to a decade of action to ensure achievement of the SDGs.

Organizations that sign the Charter are committing to a series of actions, including:

  • Public disclosure of their understanding of sustainability, either through a regularly published document or on an online platform.
  • State the specific SDGs they identify as material, setting out how they relate to their business and are integrated in their strategies and plans.
  • Commit to at least two new initiatives linked to the SDGs and showcase the impacts and business benefits that they lead to.


View the current Charter on Sustainability Imperatives here and the members and signatories here.

This multi-stakeholder based charter is available for all organizations in the region to take part in. 

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Advancing ESG guidance with regulators and stock exchanges

Thanks to the grant from DFAT (Australia Department for Foreign Affairs & Trade), we work closely with regional stock exchanges and regulators to issue ESG guidance and train publicly listed companies in their application of sustainability reporting.

You can find out more about our collaboration with the Dhaka Stock Exchange by viewing our flyer - available in English and Bangla - or watching our video.

To learn about our partnership with the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE), please access our flyer here or watch our video.

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Aditi Haldar

Interested in helping advance sustainability reporting or want to learn more about what the GRI Standards have to offer to your organization? We would be delighted to hear from you!

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