25 years of empowering sustainable decisions

The 27 September 2022 marked a quarter of a century since GRI was founded in 1997. Over that period, GRI has been central to the transformation of sustainability reporting from a niche activity to the widely adopted and increasingly essential practice that it is today – with three-in-four large companies now using the GRI Standards.  

In reaching this milestone, GRI can look back with some pride on how far we have come. Our Standards have become the enabler for multi-stakeholder accountability for impacts by companies around the world – with reporting that is based on facts, not perceptions. Yet our journey is far from over. We need to continue to drive up consistency in reporting, ensuring that transparency and dialogue is effectively and quickly translated into tangible action that unlocks sustainable outcomes. Going forward we will redouble our efforts, working in collaboration with global partners, to achieve this aim. That is our continuing mission for the next 25 years.”

GRI CEO Eelco van der Enden

Thank you to all partners, supporters and reporters who shared their comments, via the GRI-25 felicitations wall.